Elementool Mass Update

Janet Smith got married last week and just got back to the office from her honeymoon in Paris. She’s changed her last name to after her husband’s name and now she is called Janet Michaels.

She wants also to update her name in the company’s Elementool accounts.
Over the years she has submitted over 200 issues and now she needs to update each one of them.

She calculated that it takes about 30 seconds to open and update each issue. So she figured that it will take her almost two hours to update all her issues.
That’s a lot of work.

Instead of doing that, she decided to use the Mass Update feature.
Mass Update enables Janet to update her issues with her new name in a single update that takes less than a minute.
What a time saver!

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Fix Bugs Faster Using Elementool Conference

Jane works out from the company office in New York as a software developer and Bob is a testing engineer located at the company office in London.

Today at 8.25am New York time Bob reported a bug in the software to Jane. She couldn’t reproduce the bug on her end so she emailed Bob for more information.

A couple of hours later at 10:34am Bob came back from lunch and answered Jane emails.

When Jane got back to her desk after a meeting three hours later at 1:57pm, she read Bob’s email, but still had questions, so she sent another email to Bob asking for screenshots.
But Bob has already finished his work day in London and was already at the near by pub drinking beer with his mates and replied to Jane’s requested only on the morning of the next day.

5 hours later the next day, 9:11am, Jane got in the office and saw the screenshots. She had a few more questions to Bob by email.
10:15am, An hour later, Bob replied back. Jane was able to finally figure out the cause of the bug and fix it, 26 hours after it was submitted.

Now let’s look at Rachel and Mike,

Same situation, Rachel is a developer that works at the company’s office in New York and Mike is a testing engineer that works at the company’s office in London.

They both use Elementool Conference to discuss project related issues.

Today, at 8:25am New York time Mike reported a bug to Rachel.
When Rachel came to the office in the Morning she scheduled a web conference with Mike at 10:45am using Elementool Conference, so Mike could show here exactly how to reproduce the bug.
When the meeting ended, Rachel had all the information she needed to fix the bug. 2 and a half hours after it has been reported.

Now which side would you like to be on?

Logon now to Elementool’s website and open an Elementool Conference account for only $29.99/month

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Improve Team Communication

New York, NY – Elementool Inc. (www.elementool.com), a developer of integrated Software-as-a-Service project management software, announced it has reached a partnership agreement with web-conferencing provider Fuze Meeting (www.fuzebox.com). Under this API agreement, Elementool has developed a web-conferencing tool that is integrated with the existing suite of seven Elementool project management tools and applications. The result is a web-conferencing tool that competes in the same market as WebEx and GoToMeeting, offering Elementool clients the ability to integrate global face-to-face conferencing into their project management processes.

Elementool customers such as State Street Bank, Johnson & Johnson, BP and GE, which have teams located across the globe, are able to communicate with far flung colleagues within the integrated Elementool project and application lifecycle management dashboard. Communication is the key to successful project management for companies both large and small. 40% of Project Managers cited lack of communication as the leading cause of IT project failure. This partnership is the direct result of Elementool customer requests for a more efficient way to integrate connectivity and communication into the project management process. Many of those in project management, particularly in IT, are constantly faced with having to explain issues or bugs over telephone or e-mail. Without the use of a visual aid, understanding the issue or bug may prove to be very challenging and ultimately, frustrating.
Additionally, with so many companies having globally distributed teams, Elementool’s clients have discussed a need for better communication amongst virtual teams. Many of the organizations who deploy virtual teams frequently leave out virtual members from corporate meetings. Many of Elementool’s customers acknowledge that in these instances, resentment and lower team morale are inevitable. In addition to lowering team morale, the lack of communication may also result in a loss of production. Virtual members might receive a list of project requirements, and perceive the requirements to mean something other than what’s intended. Since these virtual members do not attend meetings, they are unaware of their incorrect perception. This may result in a loss of production, dissatisfied clients, and an inability to meet deadlines and requirements. In fact, 84% of IT development projects don’t meet cost, time, and quality standards. The problems facing virtual teams and IT teams are a direct result of a lack of communication. Conferencing enables effective communication by allowing global clients to share screens, trouble shoot or simply hold a team meeting directly from their Elementool dashboard from anywhere in the world. For example, a development team in Asia can meet with the Engineering team in the UK to ensure that proper requirements are met. Or perhaps the Quality Assurance team in New York can take part in the weekly corporate meetings in Palo Alto.

Besides benefiting from increased communication, Conference also saves clients time and money by reducing unnecessary costly on-site visits. Elementool’s customers frequently complain about traveling cross-country for short meetings. These same customers believe their limited budget would be better spent on talent, equipment, and other resources.

The addition of Conference to Elementool’s seamlessly integrated suite of application, allows users a complete management tool that eliminates both the hassle and the cost of purchasing multiple services from different vendors. Instead of wasting time integrating tools and switching between screens, all Elementool applications are seamlessly integrated. Having all necessary management tools available from one dashboard lets users focus their time and energies on their job tasks.

“The SaaS business model gives us the option of integrating with other web-based Cloud Services providers. Building interoperability with vendors like Fuze Meeting has allowed us to implement an established Web-Conferencing system and pass that on to our users in a format that will take advantage their existing processes,” says Yaron Sinai, CEO & Founder of Elementool. “Our goal is to enable our users to improve and increase productivity; we believe that this partnership will provide tangible value in that regard.”

About Elementool

Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools for help desk, bug and defect tracking, test tracking and time tracking. Customers such as Fortune 500 companies, International banks, automotive manufacturers, IT consulting companies and software start-ups, use Elementool’s project management tools daily in their project development and testing process.

About Fuze Meeting
Fuze Meeting, developed by Fuze Box, Inc. enables seamless high-definition online collaboration between mobile and desktop users. Fuze Box is a leading provider of Internet and mobile based unified communications solutions. Other Fuze Box products currently available include Fuze Messenger, Fuze Movie, Internet Fax, Voicemail-To-Text, Internet Answering Machine, and HD Audio Conferencing.

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Elementool is both sophisticated and easy to use

I don’t know how they do it, but Elementool is awesome. It has all the features. It is so sophisticated and easy to use.
You go to the Welcome page and everything is there.
It surpasses all the others by miles. You should check it out.

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Elementool is very favorable and has been an excellent tool

We use Elementool for large projects. Our teams are located all around the world. Elementool enables us to run distributed projects because it is web based.
Elementool solved problems that we had before when we used spreadsheets.
We’ve been using Elementool for over 4 years. You have to have a tool like Elementool. Elementool is a steal for the price that we pay for it.
People understand Elementool’s functionality very easily. It is explanatory enough to use it immediately.
The remarks section is golden. It keeps the remark history and see what people said in the past. It provides an excellent record for audit trail.
We use Elementool for testing and tracking bugs and enhancements.
Elementool is very favorable and has been an excellent tool. Its price is extremely light.

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Improve project communication

Elementool Conference is super easy to set-up and use! All you need is a computer and an active internet connection. You’re just a few keystrokes away from a virtual meeting. Besides benefiting from increased communication, conference saves you money by reducing unnecessary costly on-site visits.

More details: Click Here…

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I love how Elementool makes my work easy

The thing I like most about Elementool is my open issues report. It makes things so easy to just follow the report. I like file attachments when opening issues. The files are just there and there is no need to search for anything. I love how Elementool makes my work easy.

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Elementool Integrates Tools

One of the key features of Elementool is the integration between the different tools.
Using different vendors is a mess. Elementool makes everything seamless and easy to use. So simple to access everything when logging in to the account.

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Srini Saripalli is an Elementool Fan

A few words of appreciation. Elementool is an amazing tool. Great tool to have if you are running projects.
Elementool gives you clear idea on how much you are spending. Get a demo of Elementool and use it.

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Issue Tracking Software vs. developing your own in house Issue Tracking

I often consult with clients on a regular basis, and am frequently asked, “Should I develop my own in-house issue tracking tool?”
Seldom will you end up with an in house tool that is as full-featured as an already established product. External issue tracking systems benefit from being refined, debugged and optimized from the feedback of thousands of users. The user experience is much better, which allows you to solve the issues faster.
Developing an in house Issue Tracking tool is also much more expensive than purchasing one. Don’t you prefer that your highly paid team spend their valuable time developing the company’s products rather than an Issue Tracking application? It is much more effective to have them focus on their job and have someone else take care of the Issue Tracking tool for a fraction of the cost.
In a sense, it is similar to how you prefer to hire a company to clean your office rather than asking your developers. They might be very tidy, but you probably still prefer that they focus their efforts on developing software rather than throwing away the trash or mopping the floor.

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