How to Link Different Parts of The Project Stages

Today I want to explain how to link between different parts of the project stages. A project is never just one thing. It includes many tasks and items that – if you do everything right – come together to form a single whole and a successful end result. Each project is performed in stages. You […]

The Power of Integration

Hey Allison I have a question for you. Can you give me one reason why I should choose Elementool? Sure, I can sum it up in one word: Integration. Integration clip – Final What do you mean? I’ll explain: Elementool offers you a full set of tools that helps you to take charge of each […]

How to Create Test Cases

Hi, I’m Allison. In this short clip I’m going to talk about test cases. I’ll explain how test cases can save your company’s reputation and show you how you can create test cases in just a few minutes. So why do we need test cases in the first place? Test cases have an important role […]

How To prevent Bugs From Falling Through the Cracks

Hi, I’m Allison. Today I want to talk to you about bugs and how to prevent them from falling through the cracks and getting ignored. I don’t like bugs. Bugs cause problems. But bugs are a part of the programming game. I hate it when you think that the product is ready for release and […]

Website Facelift

In the next few weeks, we’re going to be making some design enhancements here at But don’t worry, these changes will not have any affect on the way that you utilize our site. During the redesign process, the application functionality will remain completely the same throughout the website, so you can continue using it […]

Elementool Test Cases Manual

Hi I’m Allison, and I am going to show you how to use Elementool Test Cases. Test Case is so easy, even your grandma can do it. Let’s begin! On the top of the screen are tabs that correspond with each action in Test Cases. Click on a tab to perform that particular action. As […]

Multiple File Upload

The multiple file upload features enables you to upload and attach multiple files to an issue instead of one file at a time. Click on the file attachment button. Click on the Browse button and select all the files that you wish to upload. You can use the keyboard’s Control button so select multiple files. […]

Elementool Mass Update

Janet Smith got married last week and just got back to the office from her honeymoon in Paris. She’s changed her last name to after her husband’s name and now she is called Janet Michaels. She wants also to update her name in the company’s Elementool accounts. Over the years she has submitted over 200 […]

I love how Elementool makes my work easy

The thing I like most about Elementool is my open issues report. It makes things so easy to just follow the report. I like file attachments when opening issues. The files are just there and there is no need to search for anything. I love how Elementool makes my work easy.

Elementool Integrates Tools

One of the key features of Elementool is the integration between the different tools. Using different vendors is a mess. Elementool makes everything seamless and easy to use. So simple to access everything when logging in to the account.