The Power of Integration

Hey Allison I have a question for you. Can you give me one reason why I should choose Elementool?

Sure, I can sum it up in one word: Integration.

What do you mean?

I’ll explain: Elementool offers you a full set of tools that helps you to take charge of each stage of the project. It includes:
• Issue Tracking – for assigning tasks to team members and developing them according to priority.
• Scheduling – for managing the project plan and schedule, and for making sure tasks are completed on time.
• Help Desk – for running customer support and making your clients happy.
• Requirements Management – for making sure the project is developed according to what your clients want.
• Test Cases – for making sure everything is tested and no bugs are slipping through the cracks.
Now, let’s assume that you have 20 people on your team and you buy these products from other vendors.
One vendor offers Issue tracking for $20 per month per user.
Another vendor offers Help Desk for $25 per month per user.
A third vendor offers Scheduling for $19 per month per user.
And so on.
You end up with a monthly expense of about $2000 for 20 people.

Wow, that’s a lot of money.

I know! And there’s more. You need to use the different vendor APIs to integrate between the different tools. So your developers have to spend their time working on tool integration instead of working on your projects. And after a while, your tool bundle looks like this.

Oh, boy, that’s not good. So what do you offer? I remember that you mentioned something about integration earlier.

Well, Bob, that’s exactly right. Elementool offers you all the tools as one integrated system. This means that you don’t even need to use any APIs to integrate them. They come together and work together.

That sounds really great. But, wait, how much does it cost?

The entire system, which includes Issue Tracking, Scheduling, Help Desk, Requirements Management and Test Cases, only costs $149.95/month with unlimited users.

Really, unlimited users? Do you mean that I don’t pay per user and can actually have as many users as I want?


So how much would I pay if I had 200 users, or 2,000 users, or… 25,674 users?


That’s awesome! How can I start using Elementool?

I’d like to let you try Elementool for 30 days for free. Just click on the Free Trial button below to get started now.