File Attachment and Form Customization

In this clip I would like to introduce two new updates that we’ve added to the new Issue Form and also talk about an important topic – Backup. The first update brings some cool new options to the file attachment feature.When attaching files, you can now see the files you just uploaded before submitting them […]

Multiple File Upload

The multiple file upload features enables you to upload and attach multiple files to an issue instead of one file at a time. Click on the file attachment button. Click on the Browse button and select all the files that you wish to upload. You can use the keyboard’s Control button so select multiple files. […]

I love how Elementool makes my work easy

The thing I like most about Elementool is my open issues report. It makes things so easy to just follow the report. I like file attachments when opening issues. The files are just there and there is no need to search for anything. I love how Elementool makes my work easy.