Give Them What They Need

Carl is managing a major software project for his company.
The client calls Carl and talks about what needs to be done for the project in general.
As project manager, Carl brings his team together for a meeting and explains the project scope. Unfortunately, he forgets to bring up a few crucial details.

The team works hard on developing the project, based on the instructions they received from Carl. Because the project description that they were given was generalized and lacking in certain details, team members frequently find themselves filling in the gaps by making assumptions about what they think the client would like. Many of their assumptions are incorrect.

When the project is finally completed, Carl proudly shows the end product to the client. But the client can’t believe what he’s seeing – this product is not what he wanted at all!
The client is furious over the many months wasted and the large amount of money spent on developing a failed project. Carl is embarrassed by the unwanted result, and now he and his team must start the long process all over again.

Meanwhile at an office two floors below, Sarah is managing her own team as they begin work on an entirely different software project.

As project manager, Sarah makes a point of meeting with her client and asking the client to carefully explain what he would like to achieve with this project. They discuss each feature in great detail.
Sarah uses the Elementool Requirements Management tool to write the project specifications and capture the details of each feature. This easy-to-use tool helps her to quickly acquire and organize important information about the project.

Sarah then creates an SRS document using Elementool’s Requirements Management and presents it to the client for approval. The client later sends along his comments, and, once the missing details have been corrected, he approves the project plan.

Using the integration between Elementool’s Requirements Management, Time Tracking, and Issue Tracking, Sarah is able to create tasks for her team based on the project plan.

The team develops the project according to their project manager’s plan and the project is released on time with all the right features in place. The client is thrilled with the result, and everybody is very happy.