Workflow Makes Life Easier

The workflow feature will make your life a lot easier. The great thing about it is that it allows you to define workflows so that field values are automatically updated based on the changes made in one or more fields.

You can define processes to prevent team members from forgetting to update certain field values – or updating the wrong values.
This feature saves you a ton of time because users don’t need to manually update a long list of fields anymore. The fields are updated automatically based on the value of selected ones.
For example: Let’s say that every time an issue is fixed, I would like to automatically track the fix date, the name of the person who fixed it and assign it back to QA. I can do that by defining a rule using Workflow.
To use Workflow you should follow these easy steps:
Go to Control Panel, click on Edit Issue Form and then on Edit Workflow.
Click on ‘Add New Rule’ to create a new Workflow rule or on the Edit button of an existing rule to edit it.
In Step 1 we are going define the workflow conditions.
For example: when status = fixed and Priority = High.
In Step 2 you define the fields that are going to be updated once the rule has been met.
In this example, I would like to change the fixed date to today and assign it to a tester.

In Step 3 I’m going to give the rule a name and save it.
Now the rule is added to the list. When I’ll go and update an issue, the system will automatically update the fields based on the rule definition.

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