Requirements Management

In this clip we’re going to focus on one aspect of project management: Requirement Management.
We are going to reveal another secret related to the “rules of the game”, and why projects are delayed, exceed budget, and in many cased don’t come out as designed.

Research shows that 71% of software projects that fail, do so because of poor requirements management. This is the biggest reason for project failure.

The Standish CHAOS Report, which surveyed 9,236 IT projects, found that the top three causes of project failure were lack of user input, incomplete requirements or changing requirements.

Another secret we are to share with you today is: You cannot win a game without solid strategy.

Requirements management defines the project and provides a framework that enables to track and complete the project progress and objectives.
Like in a basketball game. First the team designs the game strategy. They do that before the game. Then they discuss and practice it and implemented in the game.

A product requirement is anything that is required to make a product complete and successful. There are high level requirements, which must be broken down into smaller individual items for each function, and then documented and tracked.

Requirements management is not just a process that you do at the beginning of the project. Just like in a ball game, the game strategy needs to be monitored and updated during the game. Requirements management is a process that gets the most focus at startup, but then monitored, and updated continually throughout the project lifecycle. Just like a coach will call a time out or talk to his players during half time to make sure that the strategy is still working and if it needed to be changed.

It is best to use software designed for requirements documentation to document the process. This will allow better product development and tracking once the requirements stage is completed and the development phase starts.
The software should track the list of requirements that will be the source of data for all other steps in the requirement phase.

It is common that teams treat anything that is not coding as a waste of time. Many companies are eager to start with the coding of the project as soon as possible, because it gives a feeling that they are working on the project and tend to neglect or don’t give enough attention to the requirements management process. It’s just like basket players that want to start dribbling and playing instead of sitting at the office and think about strategy. You can be an excellent dribbler, but you cannot win the game without strategy.

We are going to teach step by step how to plan your project strategy and create the requirements. We have developed a simple system that you can implement right way. In fact, this new system is so powerful that you will call us and ask us not to sell it to anyone else.