How to Edit Your Customer List

In this clip I’d like to introduce a new feature in our Help Desk software called ‘Customer List’.
As you are probably guessing, the Customer List enables you to define your customer contact details in your Help Desk account.

This way you can store and display on the Help Desk ticket form the customer name, email address, phone number and other contact details. So you can easily contact the client about the specific Help Desk ticket if needed.

The first step is setting up the client list.
To setup the client list, please follow these steps:
1. Login as an administrator.
2. Click on Control Panel.
3. Click on Edit Customer List.
4. Use the Add New section to add a new customer to the list.
5. You can also edit existing customers by clicking on the Edit button on the right.

The next step is to choose the customer name on your Help Desk ticket form.
On the ticket form, the customer name field displays a dropdown list of the customers. When choosing a name from the list, the customer details are automatically updated.

Very simple.

We plan to add additional options to the customer list feature in the upcoming weeks. Stayed tool.

If you already have an Issue Tracking account, you can add Help Desk to your account for only $29.99/month by going to “Control Panel”, clicking on “Edit Accounts”, then clicking on “Manage Account List”, changing the Help Desk package to Premium and clicking on the Update button.
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