How to Create Project Schedule – Part I

Hi, it’s Allison. In this clip I’m going to show you how to build your project structure in just a few minutes using Elementool’s Scheduling software. We will define a project, iterations and tasks. When beginning a new project, it is important to first understand what the structure of the project will be. We recommend […]

How Long Will It Take?

Hi, it’s Allison again. In this clip, I’m going to teach you an easy and simple way to estimate tasks that you can use right away. Estimating how long it will take to accomplish a task can be surprisingly difficult. An endless variety of factors and variables can affect the outcome, making an apparently complicated […]

I love how Elementool makes my work easy

The thing I like most about Elementool is my open issues report. It makes things so easy to just follow the report. I like file attachments when opening issues. The files are just there and there is no need to search for anything. I love how Elementool makes my work easy.

Elementool Integrates Tools

One of the key features of Elementool is the integration between the different tools. Using different vendors is a mess. Elementool makes everything seamless and easy to use. So simple to access everything when logging in to the account.