Issue Tracking Software vs. developing your own in house Issue Tracking

I often consult with clients on a regular basis, and am frequently asked, “Should I develop my own in-house issue tracking tool?” Seldom will you end up with an in house tool that is as full-featured as an already established product. External issue tracking systems benefit from being refined, debugged and optimized from the feedback […]

How large of a team is needed to justify using an issue tracking

Hello again. People frequently ask me how large of a team is needed to justify using an Issue Tracker? There is no set limit on how large of a team or how many issues is needed to justify using an issue tracker. It really depends on whether your current issue tracking process is working for […]

Rename Elementool Account

You can now rename your Elementool accounts using the Control Panel. In case that you misspelled your account’s name, or the project name has changed. A transfer in the account�s ownership may also require changing its name. Whatever the reason may be, Elementool now allows you to rename your accounts.

Copy Test Cases from Folder to Folder

Another new feature of Elementool Test Case is the ability to copy test templates. This feature enables users to create test templates and then copy them to new test groups without the need to submit the tests manually every time. Users who use the same test lists for different products, projects or versions will find […]