How large of a team is needed to justify using an issue tracking

Hello again. People frequently ask me how large of a team is needed to justify using an Issue Tracker?
There is no set limit on how large of a team or how many issues is needed to justify using an issue tracker. It really depends on whether your current issue tracking process is working for you. If you can keep track of your issues, and have one team member, than perhaps you don’t need one. However, if you find yourself sorting through your inbox or wasting time trying to keep track of issues, it is safe to say that you can benefit from an issue tracker. As a rule thumb, you should consider using Issue Tracking software when you have two people or more on your team. A good issue tracking software can save you on average a $1000/month for each person on your team. That’s a savings of $12,000/year per person. Now you can do the math yourself. How much do you save if you have 3 people on your team? 20? 100? As you can see, an Issue Tracker is well worth the investment.

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