How to Improve Customer Support Using Help Desk Software

Mary, John, Fiona, and Alex work as a support team. They use email to manage communication with their customers. When Mary, the team leader, receives an email from a customer, she forwards it to one of the team members.

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Today one of their clients called asking to find out the status of an email he sent a few days ago. Mary had no way to track it in her email software, so she had to tell the client that she would check it and get back to him.

When she looked into the matter, it appeared that the email had been forwarded to Alex. But that day Alex was busy with other emails and phone calls — and also had had a fight with his girlfriend because he “forgot” to throw away the trash. So he skipped the client’s email and didn’t respond to it.

Once she found out what had happened, Mary had to go back to the client and apologize for the fact that his email had been ignored. The situation was very embarrassing for both Mary and Alex, and the client was very angry that his message had gotten lost in the shuffle.

Now let’s meet Jane, Bob, Crystal, and Mark. They work as a support team and Jane is the support team leader. They use Elementool’s Help Desk software to manage their customer service emails. When a customer sends an email to their support email address, the email is stored automatically by Elementool in their Help Desk account. The new support ticket is assigned to Jane, and she also receives an email notifying her that a new support ticket has been created.

Jane then logs in to Elementool and assigns the ticket to one of the support team members. They also receive an automated notification about the new ticket that has been assigned to them and they can start working on it right away.

Elementool allows Jane to define a reminder for each ticket. So if the case is not closed within two days, a reminder is sent to her and to the person who’s assigned to the issue.
Elementool enables Jane and each of the other team members to run reports and see how many open tickets are still in the system, a list of tickets that are assigned to each team member, and the correspondence history of each call that was submitted by the client.

It’s a very efficient and very easy-to-use system, and it can keep you from having the kind of embarrassing client service disasters like Mary and Alex had in our earlier example.

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