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Web Conferencing Interview: Partnerships Inevitable for SaaS Companies

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCNet

The company recently reached a partnership agreement with Web conferencing provider InterCall to develop a Web conferencing tool that's integrated with the existing suite of seven Elementool project management tools and applications. The new tool helps Elementool customers communicate with far-flung colleagues within the integrated Elementool project and application lifecycle management dashboard.

Elementool Adds Video Conferencing

By Jamie Lendino, PC Magazine

Elementool, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) project management company, has struck a Web conferencing-related deal with InterCall that will give the company leverage against WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Elementool Introduces Web-Conferencing Solution to Project Management Tool Set

By Elementool

Software-as-a-Service provider Elementool partners with InterCall for future web-conferencing tool.

Using Coaching to Close the Gap Between Remote Workers and Managers

By Mark Joyella, Coaching Commons.org

"Supervising a group of workers that is geographically diverse is a great challenge, but it doesn't have to be difficult if the right tools are used," said Yaron Sinai, founder and CEO of Elementool, a software company.

ALM Tools Evolve in the Face of Agile Processes

By Jeff Feinman, SDTimes

Executives of Elementool, a software-as-a-service project management company, said the company's software-as-a-service model allows it to update tools more easily to better cater to agile development. Yaron Sinai, CEO and founder of Elementool, said the company will soon improve reporting functions and let developers customize their welcome page to view only the information they need.

Elementool Offers Cloud Based Project Management

By Jamie Lendino, PC Magazine

One of the better uses of cloud computing could be project management, since it would let team members check in from anywhere and make sure things are still moving according to plan. Elementool, a Tel Aviv and New York-based company, offers one such package.

Elementool Puts Project Management In Cloud

By Charlie Babcock, InformationWeek

Integrated Web-based project management tools are the elements of an emerging form of cloud computing. One firm behind such tools is Elementool, a small company that is a supplier of online project management services. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York, it is also an experiment in integrating a set of related services on the Web.

2009/2010 SaaS Trends

By Yaron Sinai, Elementool for eBizQ

Despite growth in a down year, a noticeable shift in the way that companies now approach IT and software needs, lends itself toward continued demand for SaaS services even in better economic times.

Elementool, Zoho Offer Combined SaaS Solution: Interview

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCNet

Combined cloud offerings benefit both parties by reducing the time and cost of developing the solutions individually. The benefit of such partnerships ultimately goes to customers because they get a wide range of powerful and cost-effective solutions from a single vendor. The recent partnership between Elementool and Zoho is one of the latest examples of such efforts.

SaaS Project Management Service Integrates Zoho Docs

By Geoff Spick, CMSWire

Today's dealmaker is Elementool, which has released Elementool Docs, a document management tool. Elementool offers project management and CRM tools, and now users can create, share and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets online with no need for other office software.

Elementool Test Case Management Review

By Marcin Zreda, Test and Try

From the test manager point of view planning and reporting are the most important things and the elementool meets our expectations in this area. Test cases tree shows the current testing process status and the customizable report system helps us in managing the chaos. Using custom fields we can add some planning functionality.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

By Karen E. Klein, BusinessWeek

Yaron Sinai, CEO of cloud services provider Elementool, reccomends that entrepreneurs choose established providers, talk to their existing customers, and opt in to automated local back-up. You can ask whether the provider undergoes third-party monitoring by security standards firms that inspect providers' systems periodically for vulnerability to data breaches.

Elementool Inc. Partners with Zoho to release Elementool Docs

By Elementool

Software-as-a-Service provider Elementool releases online document management tool, powered by Zoho.

Building on the Recovery

By Sixto Ortiz, Processor Magazine

Yaron Sinai, CEO and founder of Elementool (www.elementool.com), a provider of Web-based project management tools, says SaaS tools allow IT managers to perform key business functions without having to build out the hardware or devote the time to developing the software required to support the necessary systems. "These tools provide a general business framework for data centers without the traditional costs, making them ideal for positioning companies for future growth," Sinai says.

Web Conferencing Interview: Partnerships Inevitable for SaaS Companies

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCNet

The company recently reached a partnership agreement with Web conferencing provider InterCall to develop a Web conferencing tool that's integrated with the existing suite of seven Elementool project management tools and applications. The new tool helps Elementool customers communicate with far-flung colleagues within the integrated Elementool project and application lifecycle management dashboard.

Management from Afar: Coaching a team of remote workers

By Yaron Sinai, Elementool for E-Commerce Times

Many jobs that once required employees to show up at a common office every day can now be done from the employee's own home. Managing such a team requires a unique set of skills and technologies. Supervising a group of workers that is geographically diverse is a great challenge, but it doesn't have to be difficult if the right tools are used.

Saftey in the Cloud:How CEOs can ensure the saftey of their data as they migrate to the cloud

By Yaron Sinai, Elementool for (IN)SECURE Magazine

It's a common scenario right now, played out in executive suites across the country. A company is looking to cut back on expenses and overhead. IT, with its myriad of projects,expensive equipment and maintenance costs, is targeted for budget cuts. As CIOs and IT Directors search for an alternative to layoffs, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are frequently emerging as a cost effective way to reduce overhead, without the trauma of slashing projects or staff.

This Just In…

By Aaron Smith, Projects@Work

Test case management tool offer increased user flexibility and customization to streamline the software testing process. Elementool has released Test Case version 1.1 — the newest tool in its suite of Software-as-a-Service project management applications — to help users customize, organize, control and oversee the testing process on software development projects.

Minimum Specs for a Successful Web Worker Machine

By Meryl Evans, WebWorkerDaily

Yaron Sinai: The ability to easily understand new tools or applications without a lot of explanation. A software developer, for example, will need to be able to quickly master new development tools and procedures without hand holding from co-workers or superiors.

App Testing at the Speed of Change

By Yaron Sinai, Elementool for TechNewsWorld

Application-testing and quality-assurance managers are under the gun. They must not only put out top-notch applications, but also deliver them fast. Effective communication between team members and across the IT department is a key component of achieving this, and some of the software to facilitate that communication is in the cloud.

Businesses Cash in on Cloud Computing

By Ned Smith, Digital Media Buzz

Yaron Sinai, founder and CEO of New York-based Elementool (www.elementool.com), which provides Web-based project management and customer support tools, concurs with Narasimhan's optimistic assessment. "SaaS offers more than promised," he says. "I see it as the future of software solutions. I think eventually everyone will use this type of service. With a SaaS solution, every time you log onto your account you use the latest version of the application." SaaS, Sinai says, enables you to bypass upgrade hell, particularly at large companies, where the process of upgrading on-premises software can take countless hours over many months. "By saving time you save money," he says.

Elementool offers Test Case app for developers

By Trudy Walsh, Government Computer News

Elementool has released Test Case, a browser-based project management tool for software and application developers that lets them organize, control and oversee the testing process so that no bugs slip between the cracks, the company said.

How to Get Better Control of Spam, Filters & Other Devices Aid in Fight Against Spam

By Jean Thilmany, Processor

enterprises should also consider software that enables them to create a Contact Us form on their Web sites. An Elementool program, for instance, includes a spam filter managers can use to store all the messages their enterprises receive from and send to customers in a database, as well as track and view the correspondence history of each message. IT managers can adjust filter settings depending on their enterprises' needs.

Elementool Interview: Web-Based Software Testing a Priority for IT Departments

By Rajani Baburajan, TCMnet.com

Software testing is an essential component in the software development process and will remain a priority, says Yaron Sinai, CEO and founder of Elementool. Software testing tools provide a reliable and efficient method for oversight and tracking of the software development process.

New and updated online development workspaces

By Martin Heller, InfoWorld

Meanwhile, the other entries in this space have not been standing still. Elementool, for instance, has just released Issue Tracking version 6.1, which adds a drag-and-drop interface implemented with AJAX (specifically ASP.Net AJAX) and integrates Issue Tracking with Test Case Management.

A Look at the Forecast

By Carmi Levy, Processor Magazine

Whatever the future looks like, Yaron Sinai, CEO and founder of SaaS-based project management tool vendor Elementool (www.elementool.com), says it won't happen until consistent Web standards are adopted for the cloud computing space.

PPM for the custom development and SaaS world

By Brian Sommer , ZDNet

The Elementool product line seems a good fit for those IT shops that do a lot of custom code development and maintenance. That means some industries like Financial Services would be a good fit for this solution. Yaron confirmed they have a number of big banks (e.g., Deutsche Bank) as clients. They also have other large IT shops as clients too (e.g., BP, GE, Unilever, Motorola, etc.).

Do online development workspaces make sense?

By Martin Heller, InfoWorld

According to Sinai, developers waste time on numerous small things that could be done for them automatically, such as handling file attachments, creating reports, and requesting additional information about bug reports. From streamlining these alone, companies can save $1,000 per developer per month, according to Elementool. In addition, Elementool has the benefits of providing instant status reports and prioritizing bugs, both of which, according to Elementool's ROI worksheet, are "priceless".

Test Cases gives test managers greater control

By Jeff Feinman, SDTimes

Elementool, a provider of Web-based project management tools, has released Test Case, new software that provides snapshots of test processes so managers can ensure that testing runs according to plan. Test Case targets test managers and tries to keep them abreast of the tasks that testing team members are carrying out, according to the company. Test Case lets test managers write test scenarios, which describe steps for team members to follow while running tests.

Elementool Bug Tracking 6.0

By Michael Desmond, Redmond Developer News

New to the latest version of Bug Tracking is integrated instant messaging and forums-management functionality. The new features improve the ability of distributed teams to collaborate in a private and secure way by avoiding public IM networks.

Elementool, my dear Watson!

By Mark Gibbs, Network World Web Applications

I'm impressed. Elementool understands that establishing a volume ASP business requires presenting a solid, well-engineered service at a compelling price to create a stable business. The SAPs and PeopleSofts can leverage premium prices (at least for now) but that restricts their market to companies willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to play.

Elementool Releases Help Desk 2.5

By Elementool

Help Desk 2.5 is the latest version of a powerful application that enables small businesses to manage their customer support activity using a central database that is integrated with a bug tracking tool -- one of the only such products of its kind.

Elementool's Bug Tracking Adds Unlimited Fields

By Yvonne L. Lee, SD Times

Elementool Inc., a service provider that offers Web-based bug-tracking, time-management and help-desk software, in April added a premium service with more storage and the ability to create an unlimited number of report fields.

Bug Tracking Should Be Elemental

By Charles Babcock , InformationWeek

Hewlett-Packard's Service Provider program, which supports third-party service suppliers, tracks software glitches that arise as suppliers and HP products interoperate. Using Elementool, the group has improved its ability to categorize and filter bugs for quick reference.

Bug-tracking service

By Jack Vaughan , Application Development Trends

Given the distributed nature of the project, the fact that we had several outside vendors involved in a Web service made a lot of sense. Elementool was always up when we needed it, and it offered the flexibility we needed to create records and reports that met our needs.

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