Elementool Releases Help Desk 2.5


Help Desk 2.5 is the latest version of a powerful application that enables small businesses to manage their customer support activity using a central database that is integrated with a bug tracking tool -- one of the only such products of its kind. Since it is Web-based, Help Desk 2.5 is accessible from anywhere to anyone with a browser. Unlike the typical email software, Help Desk lets small firms automate customer correspondence, including reporting and tracking, so that emails aren't lost and customer problems are resolved. It allows a business to have an off-premises support team that is telephone-based yet still provides an automated companywide support service.


It is the latest offering of Elementool, a leading application service provider. Elementool’s bug tracking products are used by many major companies including Unisys, Hewlett-Packard, Ernst & Young, Prudential Financial, Deutsche Bank, General Electric, Warner Bros., PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Walt Disney Co, Sony, McGraw-Hill, the US Postal Service and many other companies both large and small.


Help Desk 2.5's Overall Advantages


Customer service is essential for providing accurate information in a professional manner to customers.



Elementool’s web based Help Desk tool lets companies store all the messages received from and sent to customers in a database, track and view the correspondence history of each message and assign tasks to team members. It lets a customer support team generate reports and fully customize an account according to its special needs. There is no need to download or install any software. The tool is available for use immediately.




Unlimited users, same price. Help Desk allows unlimited users per account, unlike software publishers that charge per user license, costing upwards of $100,000 or more.  In contrast, Help Desk, which costs at most $79.99 a month, is exponentially less expensive.


No hardware or software installation or upkeep.  No dedicated servers and software packages need to be installed, secured and maintained. When finished, users close their account and are not saddled with unneeded overhead. Lastly, Help Desk is continuously updated and customer service is available 24/7/365.


Fully customizable. Help Desk is uniquely customizable in terms of creating different fields, querying and filtering parameters and generating reports, which can be text-based and incorporate colorful bar and/or pie chart graphics.


Fully integrated with Bug Tracker. One of the only ASPs to fully integrate a help desk with bug tracking. Customer issues are easily forwarded to bug tracker where they are logged into the system and can't disappear without being fixed. The product creates a direct link between support and development.


Intelligent searching. Flexible searching capabilities that enable searching of an issue list for different words and phrases, turning searching into a management tool. For example, you can easily search for all open issues waiting for a answers and see the status of each message.


Total view of customers. Help Desk stores all the messages received from and sent to a firm's customers in a database so a company can track and view the correspondence history of each message and assign tasks to its team members.


<<Submission of issues directly from a company's website. Using an HTML-generated form, customers, team members and others can submit issues to an account directly from a company website, -- without the need to login to the company's account on the Elementool website.>>>>


Flexible reporting. Enables you to set the fields that should be included in your Report Query and set the fields that should be displayed in your Issue Report.


What ís New in Version 2.5 ?


 Help Desk 2.5 offers the following new features:


Knowledge Base. Allows you to easily place a knowledge base search box on your website so customers can get immediate access to answers about your products, company or any other issue.


Unlimited Fields. There is no limit to the number of fields that can be added to the issue form by users, including dropdown, short text, date and checkbox.  Fields can include descriptions of issues, status, severity, frequency, priority, team member assignments, etc.


Spam Filtering. Allows you to eliminate spam from your support desk by filtering out unwanted emails. This enables your administrator to define different rules to block unwanted email messages that are sent to your support email address.



Elementool customers say the product helps small businesses provide the professional customer service of a large company -- without the cost.


"Elementool's Help Desk really makes a professional email customer service system available to a small business because it's inexpensive, easy-to-use and has excellent reporting capabilities," says Bruce Lawrence, VP, operations for Selfhelpworks, Inc., a San Diego, CA-based company that provides online programs for smoking, weight, and alcohol control." Lawrence says Elementool's Help Desk has allowed his company to halve its customer response time from a day to four hours and be much more responsive.


For small software companies, Elementool's integration of its bug tracker with its Help Desk lets a small business be much more efficient.


 "It's critical to have help desk integrated with the bug tracker because it provides a closed loop process," says Mike Mitchell, director of operations of MissionMode, a Minneapolis-based ASP. "Any issue reported by customer that requires development work, the issue is forwarded into the bug tracking tool and development work started on it. Without the integration, it would be difficult to track what customer issues are related to development issues."