Learn How to Create SRS Documents in 10 Seconds

Hi, it’s Allison again. When most people think of three little letters that might save your life, SOS comes to mind. But for me, S-R-S is the ultimate lifesaver when it comes to project management. SRS stands for Software Requirements Specification, which is a document that fully describes the expected behavior of a software system. […]

Give Them What They Need

Carl is managing a major software project for his company. The client calls Carl and talks about what needs to be done for the project in general. As project manager, Carl brings his team together for a meeting and explains the project scope. Unfortunately, he forgets to bring up a few crucial details. The team […]

Learn Agile Development in 3 Simple Steps

I’m Allison and I’m going to teach you Scrum Agile Development in three simple steps. This is a special video I created just for Elementool’s clients and the people on our mailing list. So if you’re watching this, you are one of the special lucky people who, within a few minutes, will have a system […]

Requirements Management

In this clip we’re going to focus on one aspect of project management: Requirement Management. We are going to reveal another secret related to the “rules of the game”, and why projects are delayed, exceed budget, and in many cased don’t come out as designed. Research shows that 71% of software projects that fail, do […]