The New Remarks Message Board

Hi I’m Allison. I would like to introduce our new Remarks Message Board.As you already know, the Remarks Message Board enables you to submit messages related to the issues in a message board structure. We are proud to release the new message board that adds more flexibility and options to the way you type your […]

What is The Best Way to Define Task Priority?

It’s Allison here again.In this clip I’m going to show you how you can improve the efficiency of your project development process so you can develop more in less time.   One of the main reasons why projects are late is lack of proper priorities.It’s very common to see developers working on low priority tasks […]

What to Look For in Issue Tracking Software?

Hi, I’m Allison. If you’re viewing this video, you must be looking for an issue tracking tool.I’d like to help you with that and explain the features that you should look for when choosing issue tracking software.     Issue tracking is one of the basic tools used for project management and software development.It is […]

How to Link Different Parts of The Project Stages

Today I want to explain how to link between different parts of the project stages. A project is never just one thing. It includes many tasks and items that – if you do everything right – come together to form a single whole and a successful end result. Each project is performed in stages. You […]

Most Common Mistake When Estimating a Project Plan

Hi, I’m Allison, and I want to talk to you about one of the most common mistakes that people make when estimating a project plan. That mistake is underestimating the time that it will take to complete the tasks due to external pressure to make the project’s schedule shorter than it can actually be. Let […]

[reality TV] The PMs of NYC Ep 2 – Things Are Heating Up

In this episode of The Real PMs of NYC, Bob talks to the developers about both project and personnel issues, and he gets an earful from angry Hank. Bob and Allison are able to figure out the major problems that Intech’s team has with their projects.  

Game Changer Tip – Buffers

Sometimes a small piece of advice can be a game changer.I’ve experienced this in the past when I received a tip from someone which helped me to take my project to the next level by fixing a business issue that I’ve been struggling with.     I would like to share a game changing tip […]

How to Create Accurate Project Schedule

Hi, I’m Allison and I have a great tip to share with you on how you can improve your project scheduling. We all know how easy it is for projects to get delayed because, more often than not, tasks take longer to complete than initially expected. Buffer clip – final Any number of issues could […]