What to Look For in Issue Tracking Software?

Hi, I’m Allison.

If you’re viewing this video, you must be looking for an issue tracking tool.
I’d like to help you with that and explain the features that you should look for when choosing issue tracking software.



Issue tracking is one of the basic tools used for project management and software development.
It is mainly used for task management, bug tracking, and defect tracking.
This is why it’s important to select the right issue tracking software for the success of your projects.

Here are the main features you should look for when selecting an issue tracking tool.

Make sure that the issue tracking software has a dashboard that enables you to view a snapshot of your project. This dashboard should be customizable and should use both text and charts to display details about your issues.
It should allow you to view the issues that are assigned to you and sort issues by their status, such as New, Fixed, Closed, and so on.

Another important feature is file attachment. You should be able to attach files to your issues. It is one of the most common features that developers and testers use when reporting and updating bugs. In many cases it is helpful to attach a screenshot of the bug or a short video that demonstrates how to reproduce the defect. It saves time when a team member views the bug report and helps them to better understand what it is about.

Next is issue reporting. Reporting and search is a very useful feature that is used often. It enables you to display issue reports based on search criteria.
For example, you can display a report of all the open bugs, or all the bugs assigned to a specific developer.
You want to make sure that the reporting feature allows you to easily set different query filters and customize the report display by enabling you to choose the columns that are displayed on the issue report.
Another useful feature is the option to create save report settings by creating a list of quick reports. This way you can select the report from the list and display it with the click of a button instead of creating the report every time from scratch. That’s a big time saver!

Email notification is also a handy feature you should look for when selecting an issue tracking tool. It enables you to send emails to team members when issues are updated. This way you can improve the communication between team members and enable them to respond quickly to bugs that are reported to the system.

These are the basic features you should look for in issue tracking software.

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