Fix Bugs Faster Using Elementool Conference

Jane works out from the company office in New York as a software developer and Bob is a testing engineer located at the company office in London.

Today at 8.25am New York time Bob reported a bug in the software to Jane. She couldn’t reproduce the bug on her end so she emailed Bob for more information.

A couple of hours later at 10:34am Bob came back from lunch and answered Jane emails.

When Jane got back to her desk after a meeting three hours later at 1:57pm, she read Bob’s email, but still had questions, so she sent another email to Bob asking for screenshots.
But Bob has already finished his work day in London and was already at the near by pub drinking beer with his mates and replied to Jane’s requested only on the morning of the next day.

5 hours later the next day, 9:11am, Jane got in the office and saw the screenshots. She had a few more questions to Bob by email.
10:15am, An hour later, Bob replied back. Jane was able to finally figure out the cause of the bug and fix it, 26 hours after it was submitted.

Now let’s look at Rachel and Mike,

Same situation, Rachel is a developer that works at the company’s office in New York and Mike is a testing engineer that works at the company’s office in London.

They both use Elementool Conference to discuss project related issues.

Today, at 8:25am New York time Mike reported a bug to Rachel.
When Rachel came to the office in the Morning she scheduled a web conference with Mike at 10:45am using Elementool Conference, so Mike could show here exactly how to reproduce the bug.
When the meeting ended, Rachel had all the information she needed to fix the bug. 2 and a half hours after it has been reported.

Now which side would you like to be on?

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