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FeatureFeature DescriptionElementool Premium
Monthly Fee Single AccountCustomers who run only one project and want to store all information in one place should choose the single account option. Minimum monthly fee does not apply in this case. The amount that is paid every month for each account you use.US $89.99
Monthly Fee Multiple AccountsEach account usually represents a project. Customers who run multiple projects and need a separate storage space, user lists or form settings for each project, should choose the multiple accounts option and open a separate account for each project. The amount that is paid every month for each account you use.US $29.99*
Issue Storage LimitUnlimited
Unlimited UsersThere is no limit on the number of users that can be listed on your account.
Spell Checker
Web Based SystemYour account can be reach from anywhere in the world via the Internet using only a browser.
Downloadable Database for Self SetupYou can download, whenever you wish, a copy of your Issue list for self-backup on your system.
E-mail NotificationAutomatic email messages are sent to different account users, informing them about Issues that are assigned to them.
Full Customization Of FormsThe Issue forms that are used to submit and edit Issues are fully customizable. You can change the field captions, size, type, value list and more.
Visual Studio .NET Add-ons
Advanced ReportsEnables you to search your Issue list for different words and phrases, create focused reports with only the Issues that interest you (using AND/OR/NOT), set the fields that should be included in your Report Query and set the fields that should be displayed on you Issue Report.
File AttachmentsEnables you to attach files such as screenshots, images and text documents to issues. The attached files provide other users with a better description of the specific issue. Single file size limit: Pro package - 250KB, Premium package - 1MB.
History TrailTracks and displays changes made by users in each issue throughout its life cycle.
Unlimited FieldsEnables the administrator to add additional fields to the issue form. The type of the fields that can be added: dropdown, short text, date and checkbox. There is no limit to the number of new fields that can be added.
Customizable Statistic InformationEnables each user to customize the information displayed on the Welcome page when logging in to the account. It also enables to display the statistic information as a bar or pie chart.
Dynamic ReportsEnables users to make changes in multiple issues directly on the report in a single update instead of opening each issue separately.
Remark Message BoardEnables users to type their remarks for each issue. The remarks are displayed on the bottom of the issue form in a message board structure.

           All Features
Browser CompatibilityExplorer
General/ CustomizationActivity Stream
Attach files & shots
Browse projects
Built-in data base
Bulk file download
Bulk issue modification
Change Log
Create issues remotely
Create Issues via Email
Custom Fields
Custom Forms
Custom Issues
Customized time zone
Deleting issues
Downloadable Backup
Easy Administration
Import Projects
Issue Escalation
Issue Level Security
Issue Level Time Tracking
Import Custom Fields
Issues Summary & Filter
Moving and Copying Issues
Operations bar
Personal Roadmap
Pluggable attachments
Print view of issues and reports
Prioritize Issues
Quick Cases
Quick Issue Search
Release Notes
Remarks message board
Schedule issues
Secure Comments
Spell Checker
Custom Issues
User profile page
UsersAutomated Credit Card payment
No Obligation/Contracts
Unlimited Users - Site License
Unlimited Users Free of Charge
User Activity History
NotificationAnnouncement Banner
Email Forwarding
Email Notifications
Email Subscriptions
Fully Customizable email Notifications
SMS Notifications
Watch List
Reporting & ChartsAdvanced Reports & Charts
Created vs. Resolved Issues Report
customizable filters
customizable reports
Export to Excel
History Trail
Recently Created issues Report
Resolution Time Report
Pie Chart Report
Send reports by email
Time Since Issues Report
User Workload Report
Version Workload Report
Workload Pie Chart
Fields/ DashboardsAging field
Built on OpenSocial
Charts from Filters
Date field type
Drag 'n Drop
Dropdown field typel
Field location drag n' drop
Field tool tip
Flexible layouts
Gadget Directory
Multiple selection field type
Numeric field type Long text field type
Reminder field type
Required fields
Set field width and height
Short text field type
Time field type
User dropdown field type
User multi-select field type
Value color coding
SearchAdvanced Search
Auto- Complete
Bulk operations
Configurable Search Results
Empty Fields
JQL Functions
Negative Expressions
Quick Search
Refining Searches
Saved Searches
Share with others
Simple Search
Input InterfacesAPI
Visual Studio.NET Add-in
Web services API
SecurityGroup access permissions
Issue Level Security
PCI Compliance
Project Level Security
Project Role Permissions
Session expiration
SSL Encryption Requires Log-In Authentication
Status access permission
Strong user password
User access permissions
User password expiration
Seamless Internal IntegrationDoesn't require develop/plug-ins for add'l feat
File Sharing
Help Desk
Test Cases
Time Tracking
Time TrackingReminders
Track status changes time
Track time spent on issues
WorkflowCustom Events
Customizable Workflow
Default Workflow
Product SupportFree 24 Hrs Email Support
Free Business Hrs Phone Support
How-To Video Support
No Additional Cost of Support
No Fee for Account Maintenance
No Fee for Training
Offer Online Training
Simple Support Set-up
Unlimited Updates and Support No Cost

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Help Desk
Issue Tracking
Test Cases
Time Tracking
File Sharing


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