How to Take Charge of Your Projects

Hi, I’m Allison
And I’m Bob
What we are about to show you will radically change your thinking about how you invest your time, and what’s really important when it comes to making money and running your projects.

We’ve all been there. Not enough time, no solid schedule, poorly defined goals and objectives, no formal plan, out of control scope creep, miscommunication between people that are involved in the project, etc.
As a result, projects are delayed, time is wasted, clients are angry, your company’s reputation is damaged and you lose customers, people are frustrated and stressed out, team members have to work extra hours to catch up, morale goes down, and employees lose confidence in the company.
If you’ve invested time and money in trick after trick — such as using different project tools, begging and threatening, shouting, motivating team members, holding group discussions, adding more people to the team, and working more hours — but nothing has worked, I would ask you to consider this program.
You’ve been investing in tools and services because you want a better income. A better life for your family. Freedom and independence. But tools alone are useless without solid foundations. You need strategies for using tools.
You’ve been focusing on tools and solving problems instead of focusing on creating strength and power that can be leveraged.
Think about it like this: let’s say you have the fastest car in the world in your garage. But you don’t know how to drive. The car will be useless to you because you don’t know how to move it.
But if you are an excellent driver, even a slow car will be able to get you from one place to another.
We are going to show you how to take charge of your projects and run them in a simple way that will enable you to complete them on time, starting today.
This can boost income now and bring you the high-caliber clients that you want to attract. It can make your company more efficient and competitive.
And, the good thing about it is that you don’t need any special background, education, or skills to use this.
If you don’t take aggressive action once you’ve seen the path, we can’t help you.
Success is for people who take action. Mediocre people follow the herd and wait passively for things to maybe change in the future. You are not like that.
We are going to show you how to drive your projects and you’ll be able to use this knowledge with any tool that you currently have.
We at Elementool have been helping companies with their projects for over 12 years, and we’ve gained a tremendous amount of insight into what it takes to manage projects efficiently and effectively. In this program, we’re going to pass on a set of extraordinary yet simple-to-use skills that can give you the edge that you need to succeed. And what you’ll discover is that once you’ve mastered these skills, you’re going to have way less stress on your mind and way more free time to spend the way you want.
But first, let me tell you how everything started.
Elementool was founded 12 years ago by Yaron Sinai.
Before starting Elementool, he worked for a software company as a project manager, met people who were also project managers, and realized there was no good and easy solution for running projects.
Yaron learned programming at home and worked in the evenings and on weekends for 6 months straight to build the website. At the beginning it was a very simple issue tracking and help desk solution.
The website was offered for free to people who wanted to use it to run projects. It was the first web-based software of its kind in the world.
A few months later, Yaron realized that Elementool required his complete attention, so he quit his job to run the website full-time. But it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. He had to move back with his parents because he couldn’t pay the rent. No job, no car, and living with his parents was tough. He couldn’t get any dates with women. That made things even worse.
He tried to raise funds from investors. And, wanting to look professional he rented a laptop from a nearby computer store every time he went to a meeting with investors, because he didn’t have enough money to buy a laptop computer. Each time he stepped out of a meeting, all he cared about was the fact that he had just wasted $40 on the laptop, instead of getting something to eat. After a few meetings like that, Yaron realized that he was wasting his time and money, so he decided he would grow it on his own.
And grow it did. Soon Yaron hired a group of programmers who developed additional products and added more features to make the system more sophisticated. People were happy with the new web-based solution and the company continued to grow.
Over the 12 years since Elementool was founded, we have worked with thousands of companies, some of them the largest companies in the world, and helped them run their projects.
During that time, we’ve realized that a lot of good managers are struggling themselves and not understanding the right way to run projects. And I bet you can relate to what I’m talking about.
But… it’s not your fault.
There are many books about project management, but, let’s face it, who has time to read 400 pages books when there is barely any time to finish the things you need to do today? And even when the project manager is knowledgeable about how to manage projects, usually the team of developers, testers, managers, and clients have no knowledge in project management methodologies and that creates miscommunication between the different project stakeholders, leading to frustration and project failure.
Let me give you and example: Tracking the time that team members spend on tasks is very important. It enables the project managers and the team to see how the project is progressing, if there are any delays that need to be addressed, or any changes that need to be made in order to keep the project on track.
The project manager knows that, but the team, who might be a group of excellent programmers who have no knowledge in project management and are not aware of the importance of time tracking, might feel like big brother is watching them when team members are asked to report the time they work on assignments. As a result of not knowing the true reason behind this request, they object and refuse to report their time. This type of miscommunication between the project manager and the team leads to arguments, frustration, and project delays.
This is why it is so important for everyone on the team, including developers, testers, managers, and even clients, to be familiar with all the stages that are involved in the project development cycle.
So we’ve done the work for you.
In the past 18 months we’ve conducted extensive research. Read dozens of books, run surveys, and received a lot of feedback from our clients about their problems in the way they run their projects. That helped us to gain an understanding of the challenges that companies face and enabled us to come up with a solution that will help companies have control over their project management process. We want to share our knowledge and expertise in the project management field with you to help you improve your life.
We’ll be covering a lot of ground during the program, guiding you through some very important concepts. But one of the best things about Elementool’s Project Management Formula program is that you will start noticing results right away. As you begin adopting the practices we show you, you’ll immediately see improvements in your work and life.
So, what are you getting from us?
We are offering a 6-week program. Each week you will get a set of short video clips about a specific topic. All it requires is 30 minutes a week of your time to watch these videos. The six major sections that we will be covering in this program are Requirements, Estimating, Scheduling and Planning, Time Management, The Learning Process, and The Project Management Formula.
The first section, Requirements Management, breaks down the requirements phase for you. This is a crucial part of project management that gets ignored far too often, so we are going to start you off on the right foot by explaining the whys and hows of good requirements management.
That will be followed by The Learning Process, which we think you will find truly eye-opening. In that module, we reveal some little-known truths about how our minds take in information and process change. Some people think that, to do their job well, they only have to know the technical aspects of how to perform their tasks. But we believe that to get to the next level professionally – to find greater success – you need to be able to think beyond the obvious. It’s important to understand how the mind works so that you can create positive changes with your team members and within yourself.
The third section, Estimating, is where you learn how to create and provide the best possible estimates for your clients and for your team. We will show you different methods for doing this that you will want to put into action right away. Best of all, they are easy to understand and easy to implement.
Our fourth section, which focuses on Time Management, offers a wealth of information and tips on how you can ensure that your valuable time is used to its best advantage. In that section, we have a terrific game that’s really going to open your eyes about some unexpected realities of managing time.
After you play that game, I promise you’ll never look at multi-tasking the same way again.
In the fifth section, Scheduling and Planning, you’re going to find out practical, easily applicable ways to schedule your projects and keep them on track as you go along. You will also discover in this section that good project management involves managing expectations.
Finally, in the last section, we’re going to show you the Project Management Formula. This is an easy 5 step system for running projects that we’re really excited about, and that you will be able to start using straight away.
Step 1 – Define project objectives and collect requirements
Step 2 – Define the priority of the requirements and features
Step 3 – Planning iterations
Step 4 – Running iterations
Step 5 – Present the product to the client
It’s an awesome program, isn’t it? If you can get your current process to be 5% more effective, how much would it be worth to you? How about 10%, 20%, or 35% more effective?
Take a piece of paper and write down a number.
If you are guaranteed to be able to become 30% more efficient and be able complete projects on time, what would that be worth to you?
Write down a number.
Now think about it this way:
On average, a person in the industry receives an annual salary of $100,000. Now let’s say that you can become 30% more efficient as a result of using this program. This is an annual cost saving of $30,000 each year!
Don’t worry, we are not going to charge you $30,000 per person for this program. We won’t charge you $3,000 and not even $300.
The cost of this program is only $197 per person. Yes, that’s right. Only $197.
We give you this discount because we believe that the program will make a big positive change for you and we would like you to buy it without being worried about budget issues.
Let’s say you’ll use only one little tip you learned in our Project Management Formula program that will make you 1% more efficient. This is a cost savings of $1000 on the first year alone. This little change already covers the cost of the program 5 times.
And it gets even better. At the end of the program we’ll collect video testimonials from clients who bought it. If you send us a video testimonial of how you used the Project Management Formula program and how it helped you to improve the way you run projects, and we decide to use your testimonial in our marketing, we will give you your money back.
Yes, that’s right, you will get Elementool’s Project Management Program for free!
At this time we are offering the Project Management Formula program only to Elementool’s clients. This means that you need to have an active paying Elementool account to be able to buy the program. We want to show our appreciation to our loyal clients by giving them access to the Formula before everyone else does, to give them a competitive advantage.
This is a time sensitive offer only to our clients and will end soon. Then the price will go up significantly and the Formula will be offered to the public. So I suggest that you hurry to sign up today by clicking on the Sign Up button below.
Not only that, we are offering you a Full-satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with this program within the first 4 weeks, you can contact us and get your money back. No questions asked.
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There is nothing for you to lose! Buy the program. If it doesn’t work for you, just cancel it and we will give you your money back.
There is one thing we need to clarify: Nothing in these videos should be taken as a promise for potential income. We can guarantee that you’ll be happy with the product and if you are not, you can cancel it and get your money back within 28 days of purchase.
We cannot guarantee that you’ll have any kind of results like other people had. Your results are unique to you. This program is designed for educational purposes only.
Mark Twain said: “Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the one you did do. Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Discover.”
Here you can explore and discover with safety. You have my guarantee.
So just click on the Sign Up button below now and start the first step to a better life.