The Power of Partnerships: Working Together Versus Working Alone

But you don’t have to do it alone anymore. In a period of 18 months myself and the rest of the team at Elementool, Inc. have conducted extensive research, read dozens of books, run surveys, and received a lot of feedback from our clients about their problems in the way they run their projects.

That helped us to gain an understanding of the challenges that companies face and enabled us to come up with a solution that will help companies have control over their project management process. We want to share our knowledge and expertise in the project management field with you to help you improve your life.

We’ll be covering a lot of ground in this book, guiding you through some very important concepts. But one of the best things about Elementool’s Project Management Formula is that you will start noticing results right away. As you begin adopting the practices I show you, you’ll immediately see improvements in your work and life. That’s because the tools are simple, step-by-step and easy to follow:

Six Sections for Success!

What, exactly, will The Project Management Formula give you? What I am offering you in this book are six sections for success, the last of which – the Formula you’ve been hearing so much about – will provide you with the final five steps, or solutions, that will kick your project management into overdrive!

The six major sections that we will be covering in this book are:

  1. Requirements
  2. The Learning Process
  3. Estimating
  4. Time Management
  5. Scheduling and Planning
  6. The Project Management Formula

The first section, Requirements, breaks down the requirements phase for you. This is a crucial part of project management that gets ignored far too often, so I am going to start you off on the right foot by explaining the “why’s” and “how’s” of good requirements management.

That will be followed by our second section, The Learning Process, which I think you will find truly eye-opening. In that lesson, I reveal some little-known truths about how our minds take in information and process change.

Some people think that, to do their job well, they only have to know the technical aspects of how to perform their tasks. But at Elementool we believe that to get to the next level professionally – to find greater success – you need to be able to think beyond the obvious. It’s important to understand how the mind works so that you can create positive changes with your team members and within yourself.

The third section we’ll cover together, Estimating, is where you learn how to create and provide the best possible estimates for your clients and for your team. I will show you different methods for doing this that you will want to put into action right away. Best of all, they are easy to understand and easy to implement.

The book’s fourth section, which focuses on the extremely crucial skill of Time Management, offers a wealth of information and tips on how you can ensure that your valuable time is used to its best advantage.

In the fifth section, Scheduling and Planning, you’re going to find out practical, easily applicable ways to schedule your projects and keep them on track as you go along. You will also discover in this section that good project management involves managing expectations.

Finally, in the last and most pivotal section of the book, I’m going to teach you The Project Management Formula. This is an easy 5-step system for running projects that we here at Elementool are really excited about, and that you will be able to start using straight away. The five steps of “the Formula” are:

  • Step 1: Define project objectives and collect requirements
  • Step 2: Define the priority of the requirements and features
  • Step 3: Planning iterations
  • Step 4: Running iterations
  • Step 5: Present the product to the client
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