The New Issue Form

Hi, it’s Allison here, and I have a brand new form to tell you about. As you may know, the Issue Form is the main form that is used with the Issue Tracking and Help Desk tools to submit new issues and to update existing ones.

The current form was designed when Elementool was originally founded, in 2000.
Back then, the web technology was simple and quite limited compared to what we can do today. People were using much smaller computer monitors back then, too, so there was limited screen space to display the form.

Over the years, we have updated the form several times with great new features, but we kept the original design. However, as much as we love it, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s finally time to retire this form because we want to introduce more advanced technology.

The truth is, we are still a little bit limited with the level of technology that we can use since most of our clients come from the corporate world, where there is a slower technology adoption rate than with the average tech-savvy geek. In fact, 27% of our users still use the old Internet Explorer 8. Nonetheless, the advanced technology we’re now using is definitely going to provide you with a better, more efficient user experience.

So without further ado, I want to introduce you to the new Issue Form. The main advantage of this new form is the improved structure and layout, which makes it possible for you to do things faster with less effort.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I want to update the status of an issue. With the old form, I had to scroll down to the status field, update the status, and then scroll back to click on the Update button.

But with the new form, I can update the status field and click on the Update button above it without any scrolling. See how fast that is?? That’s just one of several advantages of new and improved form.

If you’re ready to switch to the new form – and you’ll be glad you did – just follow these steps:

Login as an administrator.
Click on Control Panel.
Click on Edit Issue Form.
Click on Edit Fields.
And then click on the Switch to New Form link.

There, now you can start using the new form. Enjoy!

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