Top 3 Reasons Why Projects Fail

Hi. Let me tell you a story that happened to me the other day. I was walking down the street of New York City. It was a lovely, sunny spring day. Suddenly I heard someone cry, “Help!” I looked up and saw a distressed woman calling from the window of her office building.

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I immediately rushed over to see what’s going on. The office was in a total uproar, with people pulling at their hair in frustration, I could see that they’d been working overtime and looked tired. The woman who called for help, the project manager, looked hopeless. “This is chaos,” I said. “Project chaos!”

The project manager told me that she didn’t know what happened. She said they were working on a new project and everything seemed fine at first, but then somehow it all went wrong. “Thank goodness you called for help,” I told her. “I know exactly what caused all of this.”“Please, tell us!” she asked. “Well,” I said, “your first issue is Poor Requirements. Clearly you didn’t fully understand your client’s needs and started developing a product that is different from what the client actually wanted.”

Then I explained, “Your second problem is missing priorities. The reason your team is going crazy is because you didn’t define priorities to tasks, so low priority tasks were completed before high priority tasks. Now everybody is completely stressed out trying to get the important tasks done at the last minute. It’s a recipe for disaster. And finally,” I told them, “your project is failing because of scope creep. You keep adding new features and changing the project plan, so, without even realizing it, your project has been getting further and further out of control until it exploded into this mess you have here.”

The project manager thanked me, saying “You’ve saved us!” I told her that I was happy to help but that there was still a lot more to learn, so I gave her a book called “The Project Management Formula”. “What do I owe you?” she asked me. “Nothing!” I said, “Good project management is my reward.” And I said farewell.

So, what can I say, I like to solve problems. I’d like to help YOU solve your project management problems too, so I’m offering you one of the best tools available to help you with that: the Project Management Formula book. This book, written by Elementool’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Yaron Sinai, provides solutions to the three top reasons that projects fail and includes a 5-step program for completing projects on time.

The result of years of project management experience and in-depth research, the Project Management Formula book will explain the different steps of project management and show you the five simple steps for running successful project management process from start to finish.

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