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Testing is one of the most essential steps in product development, and management of the testing process is equally important to overall quality control. An inefficient testing process leads to wasted time, which means wasted money. Elementool's Test Cases tracking tool allows you to manage, organize and delegate test cases so that information does not get lost or overlooked. Our Test Cases tracking system also allows you to track new test cases, define test case steps and procedure, prioritize and assign test cases to your team members, generate test case reports, customize your accounts according to special needs and more. Our Test Cases tracking tool allows for complete oversight of test cases, and better visibility into the testing process on any project.

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FeatureFeature DescriptionElementool Premium
Monthly Fee Single AccountCustomers who run only one project and want to store all information in one place should choose the single account option. Minimum monthly fee does not apply in this case. The amount that is paid every month for each account you use.US $89.99
Monthly Fee Multiple AccountsEach account usually represents a project. Customers who run multiple projects and need a separate storage space, user lists or form settings for each project, should choose the multiple accounts option and open a separate account for each project. The amount that is paid every month for each account you use.US $29.99*
Test Case Storage Limit The total number of test cases you can store in your account.Unlimited
Unlimited UsersThere are no restrictions or limits on number of users who can access your Elementool account.
Web Based SystemYour account can be reached from anywhere in the world via the Internet using only a browser.
Downloadable Database for Self SetupYou can download a copy of your test case list, at any point, for backup on your system.
E-mail NotificationAutomatic email messages are sent to different account users, informing them about Tests that are assigned to them.
Drag and drop of steps
Ability to link between tracking tools
File AttachmentsFiles, such as screenshots, images or text documents can be attached to test cases, in order to provide users with a better description of the test or step. Single file size limit for Elemental Pro: 250KB, for Elemental Premium: 1MB.
Customizable FormsTest Case forms, including individual steps, can be tailored to fit your preferences and needs. Field captions, size, type, value list, and other values can be changed to reflect your project or test.
History TrailAll changes made by users throughout the life cycle of each test case can be tracked and displayed.
* Minimum fee is $119.99 per month

Why Use Elementool?

No software or hardware is required - with Elementool Test Cases there is no need to install or purchase any software or hardware. Elementool hosts all the applications you need on its website. By using Elementool you are freed from installing database server, web server or client applications. The setup of your account takes only 30 seconds.

Web based - Elementool Test Cases is fully web based, and accessible from any place in the world using only a browser.

Unlimited users - you may list as many users as you wish to your elementool Test Cases account, with no limitation.

Rent - Elementool offers its applications for rent. You may stop using Elementool at any time, with no obligation. Once your project is finished you simply close your account.

Always updated - Elementool constantly upgrades and updates its website and applications according to our customers' requests and needs. We ensure that you always use the latest and most updated version of our product.

Fully customizable - Elementool Test Cases is a fully customizable system, which enables you to fit the forms and reports to your specific needs.

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