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Does it irritate you when you try to explain something to someone on the other side of the telephone but they just don't understand it?

Are you frustrated that you or other remote team members feel left out of because they can't attend the company meetings?

Does your remote team have a different perception of the requirements because they are unable to attend the meetings?

Are you tired of hearing, "this is not what we were expecting" from clients?

Wouldn't you rather spend your limited budget on talent, equipment or other resources than traveling to meetings?

We've all been there before trying to explain to someone how to reproduce an issue or bug over email or telephone when there are countless steps involved, and the other person just can't reproduce it. You know if they just could SEE it, they would understand.

In today's global economy, virtual teams are commonplace. Yet so many organizations frequently leave out virtual team members from meetings, and fall back on "local resources". This is a quick and easy way to build resentment and lower team morale.

In addition to lowering team morale, not including virtual team members results in a loss of production. Since they are not attending meetings, they might receive a list of requirements, and perceive the requirements to mean something other than what's intended. No two people see things the same way. This is why communication is essential.

As much as we'd like to think that everyone involved on a project is on the same page, many times this isn't the case. Frequently, the lack of communication between departments ends up hurting the consumer. Since there is little integration and communication between departments, the client's needs and requirements are not effectively communicated to the project members. Frequent communication between departments and clients can eliminate this problem.

40% of project managers cited poor communication as the leading cause of IT project failures. You can improve communication using Elementool Conference by:

Sharing whiteboards, screens, documents and presentations.

Capturing and debating thoughts and ideas in real-time without having to meet face to face.

Speaking with clients face to face from anywhere in the world without leaving your office!

Having regular company meetings with all your employees and departments regardless of geographic location.

Having regular company meetings with all your employees and departments regardless of geographic location.

Elementool Conference is super easy to set-up and use! All you need is a computer and an active internet connection. You're just a few keystrokes away from a virtual meeting. Besides benefiting from increased communication, conference saves you money by reducing unnecessary costly on-site visits.

The service includes:

Unlimited web and phone conferences

Up to 25 participants in each meeting

1 Host

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