Elementool Unveils Advanced Web-Based Bug Tracking Application to Boost Product Efficiency and Ensure Software Quality

New Single Sign-on, Flexible Reporting and Cost-Savings of Up to 50 Percent Yields Significant ROI for Project Managers


NEW YORK, NY, May 12, 2003 – Elementool, a leading provider of Web-based management tools for Fortune 500 companies, software and IT consulting companies, today unveiled the latest upgrade to its bug tracking product that enables software development teams to save and track defects and protect the integrity of the entire application product development process.  Bug Tracking 4.0 provides its customers like HP and Warner Bros. with advanced management functionality, cost-saving pricing, and intelligent reporting capabilities that centralizes and eases operation for project managers, software testers, and programmers.  According to a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an estimated $59.9 billion is lost each year due to errors in software.



Bug Tracking 4.0 New Features

For the first time ever, project managers can easily manage all of their Elementool accounts through Bug Tracking 4.0’s centralized control panel. Its streamlined account-admittance function enables managers to quickly and easily access as many projects as they are running by logging in only once. Previously, managers working on multiple projects were required to provide passwords for each additional account in order to keep data separate and secure.


New advanced reporting capabilities incorporated into Bug Tracking 4.0 enable customers to easily define the filters for which they wish to secure information.  The “Quick Reports” feature allows users to set up a report template that incorporates specific data into every report, making it unnecessary to define the filters each time a report is generated. Easier-to-read forms give reports an updated look and feel.


“Monitoring for software defects is an exhaustive but necessary step in our product development process,” said Maria Knopp, Sr. Consultant at 120 Venture Construction at a major motion picture studio. “We rely on Elementool’s Bug Tracking 4.0 tool to play an integral role in protecting the integrity of our projects from start to finish.”


Bug Tracking Advantage

Customers using Elementool’s Bug Tracking 4.0 can select from three standard levels of service – Basic, Advance, or Pro-Package – based on their specific software tracking needs.  All Bug Tracking 4.0 packages allow for an unlimited number of users for each account and features Web-based accounts with downloadable databases, automatic email notification for account users and HTML-based customer service management.  In addition to Bug Tracking 4.0’s standard elements, each package features special functions, which include:



·         Storage of up to 200 issues



·         Advanced reporting capabilities

·         Free from banner ads

·         Full customization of forms

·         Storage of up to 2000 issues



·         File attachments

·         History trail

·         Free from banner ads

·         Full customization of forms

·         Unlimited storage



Introducing New Pricing Plan

In addition to the tactical advancements of Bug Tracking 4.0, Elementool has created a new pricing structure that provides significant discounts for customers opening multiple accounts.  Now, users can experience cost savings of 50 percent or more when they sign up for more than one account. Pro-Package customers who pay $59.99 for the first account can purchase additional accounts at $24.99 each. Customers paying $39.99 for their first Advance plan account can then pay only $19.99 for additional accounts rendered. 


Bug Tracker 4.0 is available for market immediately.  Users can set up their accounts in 30 seconds or less by simply logging on to www.elementool.com and filling out an account registration form.


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About Elementool

Founded in 2000, Elementool is a leading provider of Web-based management tools. The company integrates its Web-based bug tracking tools to save and track software defects in Fortune 500 corporations including Warner Bros. and General Electric; consulting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, software companies and business Web sites.  For more information, please visit www.elementool.com.