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Send SMS Messages
The SMS feature enables account users to send messages to users' wireless phones. To send a message, a user should select one or more users from the list and check the SMS checkbox.
Each account has a SMS storage that needs to be purchased first. When an SMS is sent, it is deducted from the account's SMS storage level.
The cost of a local US and international SMS message is $0.20.
To start using this feature, the account administrator should enter the users' wireless phone numbers to the system and purchase SMS to the account's SMS storage:

1. Entering users' wireless phone numbers:
1.1. Click on Control Panel.
1.2. Click on Edit User Profiles.
1.3. Enter the users' phone numbers in the 'Cellular Number' field.
1.4. The Cellular Number format should be full international number including country code. Example: +12125225555

2. Purchasing SMS storage:
2.1. Click on Control Panel.
2.2. Click on Edit Accounts.
2.3. Click on SMS Settings.
2.4. Use the Purchase SMS section to purchase SMS storage.

It is also recommended to use the SMS Setting section to receive alerts when your SMS storage is reaching minimum level.

3. To block users from sending SMS messages, please follow these steps:
3.1. Login as an administrator.
3.2. Click on Control Panel.
3.3. Click on Edit User Profiles.
3.4. Click on Edit User Groups Go button.
3.5. Uncheck the group's SM checkbox.
3.6. Click on Update.

4. To block users from receiving SMS messages, please follow these steps:
4.1. Login as an administrator.
4.2. Click on Control Panel.
4.3. Click on Edit User Profiles.
4.4. Click on Edit User Groups Go button.
4.5. Uncheck the group's RM checkbox.
4.6. Click on Update.

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