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Bug Tracking Tools – Web Based Features
As people begin to rely more and more on technology, more and more bug problems are arising. In order to combat these problems, the bug tracking industry is expanding to keep up with consumer demands. Today, there are dozens of bug tracking tools available on the market. Only a handful, however, really offer you the quality programming you need to take serious control of your bug problem. If you’re planning on purchasing bug tracking tools, there are a lot of different programs and factors to consider.
First of all, it’s important that your software carry the exact features you need to deal with your problem. When you’re searching for the right tools for your office, company or home, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Most basic features are available on 99% of programs, but some important advanced features are harder to find. Remember that the more options you have, the better chance you have of creating a bug tracking system that’s personalized to suit your specific needs.
Some of the most important advanced features are the web-based options. Web features are great because they allow you to deal with your bug problem on a daily basis in the most convenient way possible. These three web features listed below give you a clear picture of just how much more effective web-savvy bug tracking tools can be.
Web-Based System: Using this feature, you have the opportunity to access your account from any computer by simply logging onto the Internet. While you’re doing business in Singapore, all you need to do to check on the status of a bug in your office in Miami is to simply find an Internet connection.
Downloadable Back-Up: Why rely on a bug tracking company to back-up your data when you can do it yourself using your own bug tracking tools? With this feature, you can self-backup your bug database to your own system any time you want with a simple download.
Customize Your Setup: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to viewing information. Feel free to customize the Welcome page of your account to display the information that’s important to you in the format that you like best.
Web features like these can greatly simplify the everyday use of bug tracking tools.