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Features to Look for in a Quality Bug Tracking Tool
To be a successful member of the business world, it is important to understand bug tracking. You’ve probably heard the term “bug” used before, but perhaps you weren’t sure what a “bug” really means. Bugs are simply programming errors that affect the performance of programs, software and products. Any machine, software, or website that is programmed to respond to commands or perform functions is a potential victim of bugs. With this in mind, it is extremely important for all manufacturers and users to employ a quality bug tracking tool to monitor and fix these problems.
A bug tracking tool is the best method for ensuring that bugs are being dealt with properly. By using such a tool, people protect their products from the effects of bad programming that have the potential to ruin entire programs and machines. Some bugs can be harmless because they are located in pieces of programming that do not affect the daily operation of the program. Others are extremely harmful, inhibiting normal functions and even destroying whole systems. The catastrophic result of such bugs is not worth the risk, which is why it’s necessary to use a quality bug tracking tool.
When choosing your tool, be sure to avoid common pitfalls that can render your tool ineffective against powerful bugs. For example, you should choose a tool that is constantly updated. As you can imagine, with all of the products and programs out in the market today, new bugs are constantly being created. It is important for people who want to protect their systems to choose a tool that frequently updates its database with all of the most recent bugs. If one of these bugs should affect your system, you need your tool to recognize it and begin tracking it immediately to prevent further damage. Web-based tools are usually the best for updates because they automatically update your system and don’t require manual downloads.
It is also important to make sure you obtain a user-friendly bug tracking tool with easy-to-follow reporting. When you’re on the other side of bug tracking, you are prone to unknown factors that can affect the performance of your product. If you have a quality report that’s constantly updated, however, you’ll always be in the know about each step of the process needed to fix your system.