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Important Services Offered with Bug Tracking Software
One of the biggest setbacks for computer users and programmers is bugs. As more products are being developed and produced, from computer software to home appliances, new bugs are constantly emerging. A bug is simply a programming error that affects the performance of your program or system. Unfortunately, bugs have the potential to do serious damage to the programs they affect, even destroying entire systems. It is important for users and manufacturers to use bug tracking software in order to prevent future problems.
When purchasing bug tracking software, informed consumers should be aware of the many elements that make up a quality program. Bug tracking software comes in different packages, with different options and different features that can be confusing. Here are some of the most important elements to understand:
   • Issue Storage: Some programs put a limit on how much information can be stored in your account. This information can include actual bugs, service calls, and a number of other details. Some programs offer unlimited issue storage. If you are a small company or user, you probably won’t need unlimited storage, but if you are a larger firm, it is advisable to choose unlimited issue storage.
   • Web-Based System: If your bug tracking software is web-based, you can access your account from anywhere around the world by simply using an internet browser. This is a great option for frequent travelers, multi-national corporations, and companies with different branches.
   • Unlimited Users: If you are running a large company or a corporation, it is important to ensure that your software has the ability to take on unlimited users to your account. This allows everyone to share and contribute to information provided from bug tracking reports.
   • Single or Multiple Accounts: Check to see if your software offers you the option of creating only a single or multiple accounts. For people who are operating one project, a single account should do just fine to store all of the information. Those running multiple projects may want separate storage space, form settings, or permitted users, and should choose the Multiple Accounts option.
   • Monthly Fee: Each bug tracking software has its own system of fees. It is important to compare these fees with the services offered to choose the best deal for your needs.