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Bug Tracking Protects Software Integrity
Computer technology is constantly threatened by what are commonly called “bugs”. Bugs are simply programming mistakes in software that threaten to impair its functions. However, bugs left unattended have the potential to completely debilitate software’s operation. Bug tracking is an essential practice for any software user and developer. Utilizing a bug tracking software program helps ensure that a user receives the quality they expect from the program they purchased. Quality is ensured by properly managing and maintaining a program free of potentially destructive bugs.
Bug tracking software programs are excellent guards for your products. When a problem arises, most users will be unaware that their program or system is in danger until the bug begins to hinder the performance of a product. This can be disruptive and potentially damaging to businesses and users who depend on a fully functioning program. Through bug tracking, a team works to ensure that possible problems affect program performance as little as possible. Bugs are quickly discovered, tracked, and eliminated to ensure the product’s optimal performance.
Catching the bug
Once a bug is caught and reported, software development teams record the nature of the bug. Bugs are then placed into categories and fixed according to their urgency. Bugs range from causing low priority programming errors that will not affect the overall performance of the program to immediate priority, or critical priority. If left unattended, those classified as critical can cause a complete system failure.
Operating according to priority classification, teams work to eliminate the problem. During this time, the quality assurance team continues to report any bugs to ensure that it does not cause further damage to the product. Once the development team records and fixed the bugs, the quality assurance team follows the bug to closure, which helps assure that the integrity of the program is reestablished.
If the software owner is caught unprepared when a bug appears, he can potentially lose everything invested into the program. It is essential for software owners to utilize the proper tools to identify and resolve system errors. All software users should take advantage of the potentially system-saving services offered by bug tracking software. Bug tracking software is an essential tool for anyone operating in today’s technologically advanced world.