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Your Customers Benefit with a Powerful Help Desk Tool
Have you ever been frustrated with an inconvenient, downloaded version of a help desk tool? Or what about a system that doesn’t offer quick automated email responses or customer specific reports? You don’t have to suffer anymore – the latest generation help desks are a far cry from their predecessors. They make it easy to get the answers and help your customers’ needs, in a fully automated, personalized, web-based environment. Listed below are some of the advantages of the new systems.
• Web based – With no downloads needed, you can just about enter the help desk from any computer at work, within mere seconds. You don’t have to bother with annoying updates either. It’s automatically updated whenever you log-in. You can even take your work home and have access to all necessary reports with a click of a mouse.
• Personalized – You create the fields and parameters you want. With its highly individualized reports, you’ll get the data you need at your fingertips. Some systems can even provide reports with colorful graphs and charts. Let’s say, for instance, that you want to produce a report that details the number of complaints you receive from a certain geographical region for a particular product. Simply provide the specific parameters, and you’ll have your report in no time.
• Customized queries – Not only can you provide timely, round-the-clock customer service response from newer generation, web based help desk tools, you can also fully customize your queries. It certainly quickens the response time when customer service reps can easily categorize questions according to severity, description, date, etc. With a quality help desk, you’ll be able to provide the answers in half the normal time. It gives you more time at work to assist other customers. You’re happier and your customers are more satisfied as well.
• Advanced features – The newest, most powerful help desk system provides total integration with bug tracking tools. You can actually track bugs that customers report through a bug tracking database tool. You’ll have almost immediate access to bug tracking reports that can assist you and your company in tracking, fixing, and resolving any problems. You’re web based help desk tool will be your best friend before you know it.