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Who Can Use a Bug Tracking Tool
A bug tracking tool is not just a concern of management. These tools are important to almost everyone at a company. The following explains a little about how various people within an organization can benefit from this kind of tool.
Customer support personnel deal directly with the customers or clients. A customer service worker will likely be one of the first people to hear about bug issues. When customers report a problem with a bug it is essential for that to be reported within the bug tracking tool system so that it can be handled and not cause further problems for customers.
A developer will use the bug tracking tool because they are the person who is going to be fixing bugs that occur within the company’s system. A developer is not only responsible for developing features or adding enhancements, they are one of the most important people in a bug tracking team.
Writers on staff are not just there to write literature and the like. A writer may also be responsible for writing bug reports or even fixing errors in documents, which are also called bugs.
The more obvious people in an organization that will be using the bug tracking tool are managers and quality assurance. The managers will need to be on top of any bug issues so they can handle them and make sure they are resolved. Quality assurance personnel are likely to discover many bugs and therefore assist in handling them.
Many people are part of the bug tracking team and they are all going to need to understand the bug tracking tool. This tool is not just for the technical department. In order to keep a company free from bugs everyone needs to be on top of the bug tracking process and that means even those who may believe it is not in their job description.