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Things to Know when Using Bug Tracking Software
Bug tracking software is usually pretty straightforward to use, but it can be helpful to have an understanding of it before using it. Learning how it works, how it is used and how to use it in a team environment are all important aspects of learning about bug tracking software.
The software acts as a database of bug issues. It is a place where all the important information about bug issues is stored. Information is entered into the bug tracking database and then tracked through the software reports. These reports give information about how the bug works, how it is being handled and the status of the bug. It may also contain notes and comments about the bug made by team members that can be helpful in the monitoring and fixing of the bug.
Bug tracking software is used in many different departments of a company. Customer service uses this software to enter reports of bugs that need to be addressed by the bug tracking team. Customer service usually learns of bugs through customers. The quality assurance department uses the bug tracking software to monitor bugs and ensure they are handled correctly and quickly. They also make sure the effects of the bug are taken care of. The development department is the area where the bugs are handled and fixed. They use the software as their main tool in tracking the bug.
Bug tracking software is important to the whole team of employees who use it. Through the software the team can stay informed and it can be assured that bugs are handled and problems resolved. That is why such software is so important to a company.
Understanding the software is something that everyone in a company should make priority. Everyone is going to be effected in one way or another by the bugs and by understanding bug tracking software each employee can make sure they know how to use the software to take care of bug issues.