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The Reason for a Multi-level Help Desk
A help desk may seem rather simple from the customer's point of view, but on the business end there can be multiple levels to the help desk. Larger companies have help desks that have multiple levels of customer service behind them. These levels help to make the process of handling help desk tickets go more smoothly and quickly. Plus they ensure that customer issues get the attention they deserve.
Help desk tickets can include numerous types of issues. Some may be simple, while others may be more complex. The main goal of a help desk is to get customer issues handled and resolved as quickly as possible. In order to do that, some companies have added levels to their customer service team.
These levels allow for simple issues to be handled at one level and complex issues to be handled at another level. When a ticket comes in, it is identified as either a first level or simple issue or a level two or complex issue. It is then sent to the correct level of the customer service department.
The reason for these different levels is so that simple issues are not waiting to be resolved because customer service representatives are being held up dealing with complex issues. Complex issues can be a number of things. Usually they are quite time consuming. They may not be too difficult to solve, but may require quite a long time to resolve. By separating the simple and complex issues a company is able to handle simple issues quickly and get them out of the way so that customers are not waiting around for a solution to something that should not take long to resolve.
By having different levels to a help desk customer service team, a company is able to provide the best customer service possible. They are able to handle every issue and ensure that their customers are satisfied.