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The Importance of an Updated Bug Tracking Tool
One concern with any bug tracking tool is that it is updated. An updated tool is going to work the best and most efficiently. When it comes to bugs, being updated is very important, so an updated tool is of great importance.
There are generally two types of bug tracking tools web based and those that are not web based. Web based tools are automatically updated because they are running on the web and in real time. Bug tracking tools that are not web based have to have regular updates downloaded to stay current.
Updates will include information that is needed to recognize and handle new bugs. As with an anti virus program, this tool needs to be current with the changes in the bug tracking world.
Without updates such a tool is not going to be as efficient. It may not be able to recognize newer bugs and be able to handle the tracking of these newer bugs. This can make a tool obsolete over time.
In Elementool, we believe that getting regular updates is very important. With a web based tool these updates are automatic. The user never has to worry about updates because the tracking software handles that.
With tools that are not web based, the updating is the responsibility of the user. The user has to update the tool. Usually they will be prompted to update through the tracking tool software. At this time they will need to connect to the internet and download the updates. Then they will need to install the updates.
An updated bug tracking tool is very important. It is not something to take lightly. A tool that is not updated is not going to be useful very long. So in order to keep the tracking tool useful and efficient it is imperative to keep it updated.