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The Function of Bug Tracking Software
Bug tracking is an important aspect of maintaining a computer system. Bug tracking is very important to business because bugs can cause severe problems that can cause loss of time, money and even customers. Bug tracking is handled through bug tracking software. Understanding the function of the software is critical to a business in order to meet their bug tracking needs.
Actually, This software is the main tool the bug tracking team uses. It is used by entering bug information. The records in the bug tracking software are constantly updated to reflect the progress of work on the tracked bugs. By accessing the bug tracking software records every member of the bug tracking team can see what is happening with an issue.Elementool software maintains a history that will show all changes to the records in the database. The importance of having a history is so that the progress can be monitored and should something go wrong it can be tracked back to its origin or if a question arises then the team members will know who to ask.
The bug tracking software developed by Elementool is pretty straightforward in its function. When a bug is found it is entered into the system. It is then assigned to someone who will be responsible for fixing and tracking the bug. Anything that happens with the bug is then entered into the database.
Bug tracking software is very important to handling bugs. Without it, it is very difficult for a bug tracking team to work together and to handle issues in a timely manner.