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The Elements of an Easy Bug Tracking Tool
One of the biggest things a person needs to look for when purchasing a bug tracking tool is that it is easy to use. When someone is unfamiliar with this process it may be hard to understand just what makes a tool simple. On the same note, a beginner will be especially in need of a process that is not anything complex, which could be too difficult for them to operate and use.
A bug tracking tool should be as automated as possible. Automation is basically where the tool runs itself. This means the tool does not need a lot of input from the program manager. Automation is quite helpful because it allows for little operator error.
Another feature a bug tracking tool should have is that it is customizable. Customization allows the program manager to make the tool fit their needs. This means that information that is not needed can be excluded and only the pertinent information is going to be used, which greatly simplifies the whole process.
Overall, an easy to use bug tracking tool needs to be user friendly. It should not be overly complex or involve any processes that are not simple to learn. It should come with features that are easy to access and use, as well. A user friendly program is going to be something that anyone can use.
A simple bug tracking tool is going to be more useful to a beginner then a complex tool. Easy to use does not mean it is not as good as more complex programs, though. It simply means that a person does not need any specialized training to use it, which makes it perfect for someone without a lot of experience.