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The Elementool Bug Tracking Tool
Elementool offers a great bug tracking tool that can suit the needs of almost anyone. There are three levels of the tool to allow it to meet various needs. Additionally, the Elementool tool comes loaded with many features.
The Elementool bug tracking tool is a web based tool. The advantage of a web based tool is that it does not require any downloads and is always updated. There is nothing to install, so it is very easy to get started with it.
The tool also offers access for an unlimited number of users and some accounts come with the option for multiple accounts.
It is also paid on a monthly basis with no commitments. This makes it perfect for the occasional user. For a company that has a project that needs a bug tracking tool, the tool provided by Elementool is perfect. This is because they can rent the tool for as long as they need it without having to pay any cancellation fees or for time they do not need it.
The Elementool bug tracking tool is also fully customizable. This allows users to make the tool work for them in the ways that meet their needs.
Other features include a downloadable database which allows the user to store a copy of their database for future reference. The tool also has email notification which can keep all users on the account updated on changes and happenings. It also allows for a form to be placed on the user's website where visitors and others can report bugs directly. Other features are a history log, advanced reporting options and a message board.
The Elementool bug tracking tool is able to meet a variety of needs. It is packed with features and options that allow users to make the tool into what works perfectly for their needs.