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Terms you Should Know when Using a Bug Tracking Tool
Using a bug tracking tool is usually something that is quite simple and does not require a lot of specialized computer knowledge. There are, however, some common terms that it can be helpful to know and understand when working with this kind of a tool.
The following is a list of common bug tracking terms that can be very helpful to know when using such a tool:
Bug - A bug is a defect or an issue that occurs in a program. This is the thing that the bug tracking tool is searching for and reporting. Bugs cause many different problems and if they are not resolved they can be quite damaging to the program.
Bug Report - This is the catalog of the bugs that have been found and tracked by the tool. A report contains all the important information that is needed on each bug that has been found.
Build - This is the term that describes what happens when a bug is fixed. The developer will build the program to rid it of the bug.
Quality Assurance - This is sometimes also referred to as Software quality assurance. It is basically the team that tracks bugs and resolves bug issues. Quality assurance is common in many different fields which is why they are sometimes referred to as software quality assurance to identify them as specifically working with software.
Tester - This is the term used to define those working on testing bug issues and helping to ensure they are fixed.
These are just a handful of the terms that a person will encounter when working with the tool. These are the main terms, though, and they will go a long way towards helping someone new to bug tracking understand what is going on and happening with the bug tracking tool.