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Maintaining an Efficient Help Desk
The relationship between a customer and a company selling a product does not end when the customer purchases the product. It’s in the company’s best interest to continue to provide the customer with efficient and helpful service in case prob-lems arise. A help desk acts as the company’s virtual customer service center – the customer and the company are able to communicate via the Internet, 24/7. The company can also post information and advice on the help desk for the customer to access; this keeps the customer informed, and provides answers to simple ques-tions that the customer may have about the product without involving personnel. The well-designed help desk, through its easy web-based access, friendly and help-ful format, and twenty-four hour automated responses, provides the customer with a personalized, yet professional, service center.
There are other advantages to establishing an ongoing relationship between com-pany and client. If the company can prove to the customer that it supports its prod-uct, and strives hard to maintain the customer’s satisfaction, the company may ob-tain a client for life. Help desks provide the means by which the company can maintain ongoing customer satisfaction for all of its customers, thus creating a family of clientele who are loyal to the company.
The help desk in action
Let’s say a customer has purchased a microwave. While using the microwave to defrost meat, however, the customer notices that the defrost function does not op-erate properly. Where does the customer turn? Flipping through the user manual, the customer notices the company’s website, and is able to access the help desk for more information. Not seeing their problem addressed by the FAQ’s, the customer fills out the complaint form, describing the problem. The complaint form reaches the customer service team in a matter of seconds. An automated response is then issued to the customer’s e-mail, alerting the customer that the complaint was re-ceived and is being dealt with. The company’s customer service team researches the problem, and quickly provides the customer with a solution. The customer ap-plies the solution, defrosts the meat, and is satisfied.
By organizing customer queries and providing fast and personalized responses, the help desk acts as the company’s most essential public relations tool.