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How to Choose the Right Bug Tracking Tool
Choosing the right bug tracking tool requires a person to do some research into the tool. It is important for a person to make sure that they look at every aspect of the software before they make a decision.
When choosing a bug tracking tool a person needs to first evaluate the tool. They should take time to evaluate the tool. Many companies have a free trial version of their tool which can help when a person is evaluating this sort of tools.
When evaluating the tool a person should look at a few key things. They should look into how it works with the technology they are using and the computer they are using. They should make sure that using the tool is easy and something they will be able to teach to their testing team easily.
The evaluation should be used to look at the specific tests that the person will be using most often and the ones that are going to be the most important to them. Tests should be run to ensure that the person can do them easily and that the results are satisfactory.
Evaluating a bug tracking tool before making the purchase is important. Choosing the wrong tool can mean a waste of time and money, plus it can jeopardize efforts.
It is important to include the bug tracking team in the evaluation of the tool. This will help to ensure that everyone feels it is the right tool.
Choosing the right tool is all about choosing a tool that the person thinks is easy to use and will meet their needs. It should be a tool that they have tried out and feel that it will work for them. Choosing the right bug tracking tool is a very important process that should not be taken lightly.