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How Best to Use a Free Bug Tracking Tool
Free bug tracking tools can be a great option when a person is first looking for such a tool. A free tool is not really meant for long term use, but it does have many benefits that make using one a good idea.
A free bug tracking tool is generally limited in its functions. The company offering the free tracking tool will usually add in things like advertising, which pays for the tool. Additionally, the length of time that the free bug tracking tool can be used is often limited to a couple of months or less, meaning that a paid version will have to be purchased eventually.
One of the best uses for a free bug tracking tool is to try out the general product. Even though the free tool may be limited in its function, it can still give a person a good idea of how the overall product works. A person can use the tool to learn how to use it and see if it will meet their needs.
Using the free web tracking tool will also allow a person who has never used such a tool to get to understand their needs. The free tool will help a person see what they need to do and what additionally features they should get when they upgrade.
A free tool is basically offered on a trial basis. It allows a person to try out a product for a limited time period. They can learn about their needs and when they are ready to upgrade they know what they need in order to meet their bug tracking needs. A free tool is something worth trying out before purchasing any bug tracking tool product because it will let a person get used to the product and realize what works for them.