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The Value of a Help Desk
It would be easy for a company to develop and produce a product and not worry about what happens once the product leaves its premises. Most businesses assume that the top priority is to produce an attractive, cost-efficient product. However, almost every successful business knows that efficient production is not enough – quality customer service is also a top priority, and that usually means utilizing a strong supportive help desk.
Fifty years ago, the term “help desk” conjured up memories of a smiling woman behind a counter directing customers to different service personnel. She was the link between the customers and the company. She was responsible for making customers happy. Today's help desk operates in much the same way. With today's technology, however, customers don’t need to drive to the nearest store or service station. Customers can simply contact customer service from the comfort of their living room through a company's online website.
The help desk provides the customer a means to further investigate the product on his own time schedule, as well as offering the customer the option of contacting the company with any queries or complaints he might have. The company, in turn, is able to respond to the client through the help desk program. It literally acts as the interface between the client and the company.
The help desk has many advantages over the old, paper-dependent system. Customer service is organized, digital, and easily accessible to both customers and company 24/7. In addition, it is a time-saver. Customers can turn to the website's FAQ section to obtain answers without waiting for inconvenient service hours. This eliminates simple inquiries, leaving your employees to deal with more pressing queries or complaints. If customers don't find their answers, they can simply fill out an online form and you can receive it within minutes. These forms can be easily organized, prioritized, and delegated to the proper personnel. Another plus is that your customers are immediately notified through an automated email response that you’ve received their query and that you’re working on the problem. Customers appreciate the instant feedback. It shows that your company cares and takes your questions seriously.
Using a help desk can have a real impact on customer service, and therefore, improve a company’s bottom line. Today, when competition is tough and at times cut-throat, you can’t afford not to have a help desk.