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Help Desks from Elementool
Elementool is known for offering top quality web products. Elementool’s help desk is just another great product they have to offer. It has some useful features and they offer four levels of packages so that there is something to meet the needs of any business.
Elementool’s help desks are web based. This is one of the most important features. It means there is no downloading or installation of software. A business can simply run their process from the internet. This allows for easy set up of a customer service team because it can be accessed from any computer by multiple users at once.
Another great feature of Elementool’s help desks are that they come in four levels. The four levels offer a range of different features and prices. They are made to meet the needs of every business for the smallest to the largest.
Elementool’s products are also customizable. This means a business can make their help desk unique to their business. They can make forms that address their customer's needs and add in areas of their help desk to answer frequently asked questions and problems.
It also offers some nice additional features like a spam filter which helps to prevent spamming of the help desk. Spam can create a slow down in the handling of customer issues because the customer service representatives are busy deleting spam instead of addressing customers tickets. With a spam filter most spam will be deleted automatically, thus freeing up the customer service representatives to handle actual customer issues.
Elementool offers everything a business could need in their four levels of help desks. With Elementool products, a business can provide excellent customer service to their customers, which is always a good thing.