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Good Use of Bug Tracking Software
Bug tracking software is generally used by a bug tracking team and management in order to stay on top of and ensure quick and accurate handling of bug issues.
It is important that bug tracking software be put to good use so that it is a tool that can help work through bugs instead of something that is merely a hassle to use.
This software serves as the main database and communication portal for a bug tracking team. It is through the use of the software that a bug tracking team can monitor bugs. The software helps everyone on the team understand what is happening with each bug issue and how it is being handled.
It allows managers to make sure that issues are being taken care of in a timely manner.
One of the best ways to use bug tracking software is to generate reports. The reports are going to tell all of the important information about bug issues. The reports will show what is happening with each bug issue and will give a person a good idea of the status of bug issues within the system.
Another good way to use the software is to make good use of any communication tools included with it. The best bug tracking software programs will have some type of communication built into it. Commonly there is email communication built in and there may also be a message board or comment area.
Through email or the message board, bug tracking team members can leave notes or other information that is important to other team members, but that does not fit into the bug report.
Making good use of bug tracking software ensures that it is being used to its maximum potential. Such software can be the main tool in resolving bug issues, so using it to its maximum potential is extremely important.