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Ensuring Quality Products with Bug Tracking Software
In todayís technologically advanced environment, itís imperative that companies thoroughly test, track, and report any software bugs that appear in a system. In conjunction with the software development team, the quality assurance team, and the end-user or customer, bugs can effectively be eliminated. An efficient bug tracking software system can make that happen by acting as another set of eyes on the overall software development and maintenance of a specific program, which has a direct relationship to the success or failure of a product.
So how does bug tracking software influence the quality of your overall product? It influences it by tracking, reporting, and managing any bugs that arise. Once bugs are found and reported, then software developers can fix the specific problems. Quality assurance teams also play a fundamental role in addressing and repairing any kinks in the program. Management should be involved in the overall process as well, making sure that deadlines are met and quality levels achieved. As you can see, a total team effort is needed to ensure the establishment and continuance of quality products.
Letís say youíre a quality assurance manager at a car manufacturing plant. Youíve just received word from your team that one of the new test models has failed its test drive. The car accelerated into third gear when it was only supposed to go into second. The car unexpectedly lurched forward Ė a potentially disastrous result. Your job is to find out why this happened. You immediately have your QA team review, test, and report any bugs that are responsible for the computerized gearshift acceleration problem. The software development team then analyzes and records the findings through a bug tracking software. Once the bugs have been found, the software development team then fixes the problems, and the QA team tracks to closure.
Finding the reason for a glitch might seem incidental, but as you can see from the above example, it can mean the difference between life and death. What seems like a small problem can turn into a disaster if not promptly and satisfactorily addressed. Bug tracking software can make the crucial difference.