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Elementool Bug Tracking Software
Elementool offers a great bug tracking software program. Bugs are something every company will have to deal with and they can be quite damaging. Having good software is important and full of advantages. Elementool offers software that is packed with features and offers an easy to use format.
Elementool bug tracking software is web based. What this means is that it does not have to be downloaded. This is a big benefit because generally bug tracking teams consist of many different people using many different computers. Without having to download a program time is saved and the hassle is not there. Anyone can log into the software from any computer.
Additionally, being web based means the software is always updated. Unlike other software that is not web based, Elementool’s software does not require users to download updates because Elementool automatically updates the software as needed.
The Elementool bug tracking software also has many great features. It is fully customizable, allows for multiple users, contains many advanced reporting features and includes communication tools to keep a bug tracking team in contact with each other. Additionally, Elementool offers four different packages so a company can choose the oftware package that works for them.
All of the Elementool bugs tracking software packages are rented on a monthly basis. This means no contracts, no time limits and customers are in control of how long they use the product and they never have to pay for what they do not need.
Elementool’s bug tracking software is way ahead of other software on the market. They offer their customers everything they need and even more. Their products are top of the line and meet the needs most often found in bug tracking. Elementool leaves nothing out when they seek to provide a user friendly, simple and effective software program.