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Elementool Bug Tracking Package Levels
Elementool offers a great bug tracking system. It is an easy to use system that is quick to get started with and offers some great features. Elementool offers three levels of their bug tracking system that are made to fit any need. Each level comes with some amazing features and is very affordable.
Each level of Elementool bug tracking packages comes with a variety of features. They all allow for unlimited users on the account. They are all web based for maximum ease of set up, guaranteed updated information and no download required. Each package also has a spell checker an email notification. They each allow for a downloadable database and allow submissions directly from the company's website. They also have a web services interface and visual studio .NET add-in.
The basic levels offer a free monthly account and free multiple user accounts. It comes with all of the features listed above, too. It has an issue storage limit of 200 issues. This package is best to use on a trail basis before buying another package or for a small scale operation that has little bug tracking needs.
The next level is the pro level. This mid level package features all of the above listed features, plus it comes with some additional features. The pro package has customizable forms, no banner ads and advanced reporting abilities. It is around $59.99 a month with an additional charge of around $24.99 for multiple accounts.
The top level from Elementool is their premium bug tracking package. This package is loaded with features. Besides the above listed common features, the premium package has the customizable forms, no banner ads and advanced reports. It also allows for file attachment, keeps a history trail, allows unlimited report fields and has customizable statistics. It also features the ability to change information in multiple reports at one time and comes with a message board for communication between bug tracking team members.
These three packages from Elementool cover the range of needs that any company may have. There is a package that will work for any company of any size. Elementool offers only the best features and functions in their bug tracking systems, so no matter the level, a company is getting the best bug tracking possible.