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Components of Bug Tracking Software Bug Reports
Bug tracking software is only good if it is used correctly. Since the main component of bug tracking software is the bug tracking reports, having the correct information in the bug tracking report is essential.
The first report of a bug is the most critical. It is the first report that everything else in the bug report is built upon. That is why everyone in a company should understand the three main things that must be in the initial bug report.
The first thing that must be in a bug tracking software report is how to get to the bug. This means explaining to the bug tracking team how to see the bug. This should be very detailed. Someone who is unfamiliar with the bug should be able to read the directions, follow them and experience the bug. This is important because if the bug tracking team can not see the bug then it will be quite hard to fix it.
The second thing that must be in a bug tracking software report is what should have happened if the bug was not present. This too should be detailed. It is important to explain what normally would have happened if the bug was not there. This is important so that the bug tracking team will know when the bug has been successfully resolved.
The third thing that must be included in a bug tracking software report is what occurred due to the bug. This will tell what effect the bug had and how it changed the program. This, again, should be detailed. This will tell the bug tracking team what the bug is doing so they can best fix it.
Writing a good bug report is essential to making good use of bug tracking software. By making sure to include all three essential elements, a person can ensure that they are really being an effective part of handling bugs affecting their company’s computer system.